Description of First-Year Writing at Drew:

  • Drew Seminar (DSEM). All first-year students take a writing intensive seminar on a topic of their choice in their first semester at Drew. The course is designed to prepare students for the writing, reading, and critical thinking that will be required of them throughout their college careers.
  • Writing Studio is an additional (2-credit) writing course that students may elect to take along with the Drew Seminar.
  • Academic Writing courses build on the essential skills offered on the Drew Seminar and are offered in the spring semester. They are open to all students who wish to continue to build their writing skills.
  • General Education Writing ePortfolio. All students are assigned an individual ePortfolio, which they can use to reflect on and assess their progress as writers over their years at Drew. They begin by submitting the “First Day Essay,” a piece of writing in which they describe and reflect on how they accomplished a writing project completed before they arrived at Drew. Then at the end of their DSEM, they submit their final paper and an essay describing and reflecting on the the process of writing it. Students submit a paper and reflection for two WI courses and a WM course, and are invited to submit a final essay describing and reflecting on their process of creating their capstone project.   This ePortfolio is also used to assess the writing program.

Resources for First Year Writers

  • The Center for Writing Excellence:  This center, located in the Academic Commons in the Rose Memorial Library, supports all University faculty, students, and staff through any stage of the writing process. Appointments are recommended. For more information about the Center for Writing Excellent, please visit the CWE website. 
  • Writing FellowsEach Drew Seminar is assigned a trained undergraduate Writing Fellow who will attend class, facilitate workshops, and work with students in groups and individually in and out of class as they make the transition to college writing.
  • Write-Ins: The Sunday before each DSEM paper is due, Superhero Writing Fellows will take to the First Floor of the Library to provide day-long drop-in help for any first-year student working on DSEM papers (or any other papers). There will also be a Day of Writing on the First Reading Day at the end of the semester.