All students are assigned an individual ePortfolio (look for “My ePortfolio” in Moodle), which they can use to reflect on and assess their progress as writers over their years at Drew. Contents include

  • “First Day Essay” – assigned in the first DSEM, this is a piece of writing in which they describe and reflect on how they accomplished a writing project completed before they arrived at Drew. [See assignment on your “My ePortfolio”]
  • Final DSEM Paper  – at the end of their DSEM, students upload their final paper, which is a revision of paper #3. The paper is also submitted to the DSEM instructor for grading.
  • Final DSEM Reflection – this is the last DSEM assignment and students are asked to describe and reflect on the their process of writing and revising the final DSEM paper.  By paralleling the first assignment, this reflection allows students and faculty to begin to track their evolving habits of mind and writing processes. [See assignment on your “My ePortfolio”]
  • Writing Intensive Paper & Reflection – Students may take as many Writing Intensive courses as they like beyond the requirement of 2 courses, but upload to their ePortfolio a piece of writing and reflection on it from two writing intensive courses at any point over their four years at Drew.
  • Writing in the Major Paper & Reflection some majors require more than one writing in the major course while others require only one. Students may select which piece of writing they submit from the course or courses, and in the reflection they are asked to discuss that writing as typical of the major, considering audience, purposely, and genre.
  • Final Reflection – students are also asked to upload a final reflection describing and reflecting on their process of creating their capstone project.

This ePortfolio is also used (anonymously) to assess the writing program.