Bessie Stak Schiffman Award for Excellence in Women’s Studies

The Bessie Stak Schiffman Award is given annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in both academic work in women’s studies and in campus or community activism.  This award was created through the generosity of Prof. Ann Saltzman, Dept. of Psychology, the 1994 recipient of the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.  The award is named in memory of Ann’s grandmother who, as a young woman, learned Hebrew and became the “prayer reader” for the women of her small synagogue, enabling them to participate in activities otherwise restricted to men.  Her story embodies the ways in which women’s knowledge can transform community. The first Schiffman was awarded in May of 1995.

Schiffman Award Recipients

1995   Kearsten Davis (Psychology) & Chakshu Patel (Women’s Studies)
1996   Bridget Guarasci (African American, Women’s Studies)
1997   Alison Kinney (English, Women’s Studies)
1998   Carolin Collins (Anthropology)
1999   Lori Babcock (Behavioral Science)
2000   Emily Musil (American Studies)
2001   Sue Brennan (Women’s Studies) & Chelsea Hoffman (Theatre)
2002   Marissa Hildebrandt (Women’s Studies) & Jenn Russell (Music)
2003   Jessie Gamble (Women’s Studies)
2004   Kristen Ackley (Psychology, Women’s Studies)
2005   No award given
2006   Kim Buonarota (Political Science, Women’s Studies)
2007   Victoria Sollecito (Women’s Studies)
2008   Stacy Johnson (Anthropology, Women’s Studies)
2009   Victoria Webbe (Women’s Studies, Political Science)
2010   Jill Swirsky (Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology)
2011   Marissa Portuesi (Women’s and Gender Studies, Political Science)
2012   Kestin Gussoff (Women’s and Gender Studies)
2013   Meghan Wolfe (women’s and Gender Studies)
2014   Rachel Schacter  (Music, Women’s and Gender Studies Minor)
2015   Bonnie Hullings (Women’s and Gender Studies)
2016   Michael Collina (English, Women’s and Gender Studies)


Raval Prize in Women’s Studies and the Humanities

Established by her family and friends in memory of Shilpa Raval (1969-2004), the prize is awarded annually to a junior or senior whose interdisciplinary work, like Shilpa’s lively and innovative scholarship on gender and sexuality in the ancient world, connects women’s studies with study in an area of the humanities, languages or literature. As an undergraduate at Drew, Shilpa studied English, classics and women’s studies, receiving her B.A. in 1991. She subsequently received a Ph.D. in classics from Brown University and was an assistant professor of Classics at Yale, where she also directed the Yale Women Faculty Forum.

Raval Lecturers

2006   Vassiliki Panoussi, College of William and Mary
2007   Ruth Caston, University of Michigan
2008   Sara Lindheim, UC Santa Barbara
2009   Richard Billows (Classics), Columbia University
2010   Helene Peet Foley, Barnard College
2011   Kristina Milnor, Barnard College
2012   Yopie Prins, University of Michigan
2013   David Konstan, Brown University
2014   Raffaela Cribiore, NYU
2016   Sharon James, University of North Carolina

Raval Prize Recipients

2005   Rachel Moore-Beitler (Women’s Studies)
2006   Victoria Sollecito (Women’s Studies)
2007   Stacy Johnson (Anthropology,Women’s Studies)
2008   Alicia Rodgers (Religious Studies,Women’s Studies Minor)
2009   Shaina Mirsky (English, Women’s Studies Minor)
2010   Ellen Taraschi (Women’s and Gender Studies)
2011   Nina Leone (Women’s and Gender Studies)
2012  Kimberly Ammiano (English)
2013  Victoria Hinojosa (English)
2014  Eve Sanoussi (English, Psychology)
2015  Sabine Reedy (English)
2016  Amanda Bryant (Women’s and Gender Studies)

Helen Charlotte Brown Scholarship

The Helen Charlotte Brown Scholarship was endowed in 2001 by Professor of Sociology Jonathan Reader in honor of his mother. The scholarship is awarded annually to a Women’s Studies student who has demonstrated promise for continued academic achievement.


2003   Jane Yamaykin (Russian Studies)
2004   Patricia Hagdorn (Political Science)
2005   Christine Ferro (Women’s Studies, Psychology)
2006   Kim Buonarota (Women’s Studies, Political Science)
2007   Stacy Johnson (Women’s Studies, Anthropology)
2008   Alexandra Steinheimer (Women’s Studies, Political Science)
2009   Samantha Kenn (Women’s and Gender Studies, Political Science)
2010   Carlin MacNichol (Women’s and Gender Studies)
2011   Kestin Gussoff (Women’s and Gender Studies, History)