Training workshops are one of the ways in which University Technology supports technology use at Drew. Workshops are held on a variety of topics ranging from Google Drive, Mail and Calendar to Moodle and Microsoft Office. Workshops are announced by email and/or the Drew Today to the appropriate audiences and through University Technology Twitter and Facebook. When open lab training sessions or workshops are scheduled, they will be posted on this page.

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*All workshops are held in the Library/UT Classroom in the Academic Commons (main floor of the Library).

To register, simply add the appointment for the workshop you plan to attend to your Google calendar by clicking on the appropriate button below!

Time Management Tools

Come discuss some of the tools available to help you manage your time and commitments. Share the tools that work for you and learn about tools you may not know about. We invite students, faculty and staff to join us today!

Oct 11th- 10am-11am
Oct 12th- 3pm-4pm

Winter is Coming! Teaching on a Snow Day

Winter IS coming and can be very unpredictable. We want to show you different ways you can still manage to have class despite the harsh conditions outside (or a conference visit). On October 17, we are opening up the Instructional Technology Center to all faculty and we want you to join us for some hot chocolate, snacks and conversation. We will have some example activities and technologies you can use during a snow day to replace or make up class time.

Oct 17th- 10am-2pm (come for as long as you like!) 

Formatting in Word

Microsoft Word has many built-in tools to help you present your paper according to the standards you’ve been given. We will share some tips and tricks on effective formatting, as well as leaving time for a few questions you may have.

Oct 18th- 10am-11am
Oct 19th- 3pm-4pm

Google Maps: Incorporating Maps to Visualize Space

Google Maps can be used for many different projects in a variety of subject areas. Google Maps can help represent visuals in a way that traditional activities cannot, such as mapping locations found in literary works and annotating historical sites. Participants will be shown all of the technical skills needed to integrate Google Maps into their courses.
Oct 25th- 10am-11am
Oct 26th- 3pm-4pm

How Google Sheets Saved my Literature Class

This workshop is based on an article of the same name by Erick Sienna, which was published in the April 10, 2016 Digital Campus insert to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Sienna writes:
“What if, rather than banning technology from the learning environment, we could route it back in? Technology, culprit of so much mental absentia among millennials could actually deepen their presence in the classroom.”
He goes on to describe using technology, in this case Google Sheets, to effect deepening of student presence in the classroom, and to move them from lower-order to higher-order thinking – he even promises this can be done in 15 minutes! In this workshop we will examine his techniques and learn how to apply them not only to Literature classes, but to others as well.
Nov 1st- 10am-11am
Nov 2nd- 3pm-4pm

Excel Functions: IF, AND, OR

This week, we will take a look at the IF, AND, and OR functions in Excel, as well as some of the special IF functions like SUMIF and IFERROR.

Nov 8th- 10am-11am
Nov 9th- 3pm-4pm


If you can’t make the above workshops, please make an appointment for an individual session by calling the UT Service Center at (973) 408-4357 (or by dialing HELP from your Drew phone).

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