Announcing PDF-XChange, Drew’s new software for PDF creation, editing and file format conversion!

University Technology is pleased to launch this new service as a step up from Adobe Acrobat Pro. All Faculty, Staff and Students can access PDF-XChange and take advantage of the increased number of features, tools and noticeable user-friendliness.

Here are some of the things you can do with PDF-XChange:

  • Edit and move text and graphics within a PDF
  • Add headers, footers, and pagination
  • Record and embed sound files
  • Create new PDFs from existing PDF, text, rich text, and/or image files (you can combine different file types)
  • Extract specific pages from an existing PDF
  • Extract and save images from an existing PDF
  • Easily cut, paste and convert using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from both scanned documents and pre-existing PDFs
  • Convert PDFs to .txt, .docx, or .rtf file formats

PDF-XChange can be accessed via CloudPC, in the Office Applications folder. You will see both a Viewer (which simply allows you to look at a PDF, similar to Nitro PDF Reader or Adobe Reader) and an Editor (which offers the options listed above – and more!).

Please contact the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357 with any questions.

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