University Technology has been busy this summer!

We have done a lot of work to improve wireless coverage across campus, including the following buildings:

  • McLendon
  • Dorothy Young Center
  • Seminary Hall
  • Mead Hall

We began work on updating the fiber cables on campus.

The new disk arrays are in and are being tested, we will be moving data over to them shortly.

The network core switch upgrades were completed.

We upgraded from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.4. See the Moodle post for more information.

We updated the computer labs (BC 1, BC 5, the Fac/Staff Lab, and the STEL) to run Windows 7.

We are updating both U-KNOW and relaunching MI6, the University wiki and the ticket tracking system currently used by UT.

Banner was upgraded and the database extended to prepare for Banner XE, the next version of the Banner interface. Banner XE provides a modern web interface for Banner, in contrast to the Oracle Forms used for INB.

The university’s ten year old single sign-on system for web resources, iChain, was replaced with NetIQ Access Manager. This allowed us to streamline our single sign-on process, and provides us with the ability to federate with external applications, such as Google Apps.

And last but not least, University Technology announced our re-organization and launched this new website!

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