On August 13, Drew will be upgrading Moodle from 1.9 to the new and improved Moodle 2.4.

What’s New in 2.4?

  • Drag and Drop upload of files now works in all web browsers
  • All assignment types are built into one assignment resource
  • Personal file repository
  • Built in help feature
  • Easy editing of activities and resources

What should I expect to see in the next month?
You will not see any changes at moodle.drew.edu until August 13. On that date, you will be able to see the new Moodle 2.4 at moodle.drew.edu, which you can reach using the icon on TreeHouse. If you still need to access old courses, you can do so at moodle.drew.edu/1

How can I learn about Moodle 2.4?
Open Lab Training (first come, first served)
Location: FacLab (BC 11)

  • August 14, 10am-12pm
  • August 20th, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm
  • August 26th, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

What if I need to restore a course from the old Moodle site or request that my courses be combined?
Course restoration and combination requests still work the same way. All you have to do is fill out the following forms…

I have a Group or Departmental Moodle Site. How can I get it moved over to the new Moodle Site?
If you have a group, department or any other type of Moodle site that you would like to have moved over, you will need to fill out the following form…

Please note: Courses are still unavailable to students by default and must be made available by individual instructors.

Moodle Policies

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