We welcome you to Drew University on behalf of US/A, the organization of University Staff and Administration. We believe every Drew employee plays a vital role in complementing the essential teaching mission of our faculty and in shaping the university community. We hope that you will come to look upon Drew not only as a place of employment, but also one of intellectual stimulation, opportunities for learning, lasting friendships, and caring, professional colleagues.

The mission of US/A is to promote a spirit of community among members of the staff and administration, to encourage communication and to serve as the official body responsible for providing representation to the larger University community. As a new employee, you are automatically a member of US/A.

We hold general meetings at least five times a year, usually at the lunch hour. These meetings serve as a communication link between the university and you. At each meeting, a program concerning different aspects of university life (benefits, the university budget, Drew history, etc.) is presented. Last year’s programs focused on technology, compensation and health benefits. Additionally, US/A sponsored several social events including an Opening of School Pancake Breakfast, a dinner in the Mead Hall mansion, and a year-end staff picnic and organized a Staff Recognition Luncheon to celebrate the accomplishments/contributions of staff.

As you get to know Drew, we hope you will consider offering your talents to one of the US/A standing committees, which are outlined on the back of the page. Serving on a committee helps the organization meet the needs of its members, and it is a great way to get to know colleagues outside of your own campus office.

If you have any questions about US/A, please call upon one of us or any members of the US/A Executive Committee. In the meantime, Welcome!