Human Resources Advisory Committee — Serves as a means of exchanging information between the Human Resources department and staff/administration employees. Such matters may include personnel policies and procedures, benefits and working conditions. The committee may express reactions to proposed changes, may recommend changes, and may bring specific problems to the attention of the Human Resources department.  The committee also organizes lunchtime instructional programs promoting employee health, well-being and life skills as well as the annual Service Anniversary Luncheon in cooperation with the Human Resources department.

Program/Staff Development Committee — Plans and holds seminars, training sessions and meetings to promote the personal professional growth and education of staff/administration personnel. There are five regular meetings of US/A plus the annual picnic. In addition, the Committee organizes events with Board approval to bring US/A members together in social settings.

Members at Large: act as liaisons between the staff members and the executive board by soliciting feedback from various offices on campus in an attempt to ensure representation of all departments. By asking specific questions every month, this committee gathers feedback and gauges staff attitudes towards relevant topics. Members at Large are also available for staff members to contact at any time (anonymously via campus mail, or by phone, email, meetings, etc.) regarding specific questions or concerns they would like to see addressed by the board.

Nominating Committee — Presents a slate of officers yearly at the annual meeting of US/A. It also presents a list of candidates suggested for membership to all standing committees of US/A and University governance committees to the Executive Board at the first meeting following the election of new officer to the Executive Board.

Legislative/By-Laws Committee — Processes suggested amendments to the Constitutions/By-Laws.

Service Committee — Develops at least one volunteer opportunity, per semester, for US/A membership to assist not-for-profit and charitable entities, organizations, and services. Volunteer opportunities may be either Drew- or non-Drew related.

Joint Affirmative Action Committee (JAA) — Meets about 6 times per year to discuss any issues that may be affecting any of the protected groups defined under federal law.  Participants are trained to serve as Equal Employment Opportunity counselors and would eventually be assigned as EEOC liaison to staff/administration search committees (usually director-level and up).  It is interesting and valuable experience for anyone who is interested in diversity and EEO matters. Once trained, the members will instruct search committee chairs on proper procedure when running a search and interview process.

Executive Committee — Selected by vote of the full membership to serve one-year term. Please click here for the current board listing.