Mobile Communication Devices

Mobile Communication Devices.

Some Drew employees may be required to use a Mobile Communications Device (MCD) in the course of their jobs. In cases where an MCD must be used on a regular basis. Please read the MCD Policy before filling out any MCD request forms or contacting the Telecom Office for more information.

Under Drew’s employee-owned model, the employee provides their own MCD and service plan, and receives a stipend to cover the cost of business use. The amount of the stipend depends on how the phone will be used. Please see the MCD Stipend Guidelines for more information. If you would like to apply for an MCD under this ownership model, you must fill out a MCD Stipend Request Form.


VP, Finance and Business Affairs, Asst. VP for Information Technology

1/1/2011, Revised: 9/1/2015


  1. Policy Objective
  2. Eligibility Criteria
  3. Acquisition Options
  4. Department Head Responsibilities
  5. Employee Responsibilities
  6. Stipend Determination
  7. Procurement
  8. Stipend Guidelines
  9. Attachments
    1. MCD Stipend Request
    2. University owned MCD Request