Google Shared Drives Policy

Google Shared Drives Policy.

What are Google Shared Drives (formerly Team Drives)?

As Google explains, “A shared drive is a shared space where:

  • Members of a shared drive share ownership of any files and folders.
  • If someone leaves the shared drive, any files they added will stay.
  • You can still share files with a link or invite.”*

Google Shared Drives offer many collaboration benefits and reduce the risk of access to materials important to the University being lost when a person leaves the University or changes positions. Google offers more information about Shared Drives and when they might be useful in this article. Please review the policies below for more information on how Shared Drive usage will be managed at Drew.


Policy Objective

Drew University Technology acknowledges both the collaboration and continuity potentials of Google Shared Drives, as well as the potential drawbacks to using such a tool. As such, this policy will outline the procedure for requesting a Shared Drive and the rules regarding its use.


Full-Time Drew University employees are eligible to request a Google Shared Drive on behalf of the department they work for and projects or committees to which they have been assigned.

Procedure to Request a Google Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive)

To request a Google Shared Drive, you should first collect the following information:

  • Desired name of Shared Drive
  • Names and email addresses of two Drew employees to manage/”own” the Shared Drive
  • Name, email address, and approval of the department, project, or committee lead
  • What files will be stored on the Shared Drive rather than, or in addition to, the department’s network drive?

Once the required information has been gathered, you can do one of the following to share the information with University Technology (UT):

  1. Call the Service Center at 973-408-4357.
  2. Email
  3. Fill out a support request at


Shared Drive training is required before a Shared Drive will be made available.

UT will schedule a training with the Shared Drive owners to review share settings, policies, best practices, etc.

Related Policies

The following University Policies apply to the use of Shared Drives:

Drew University materials can be stored in a Shared Drive during the collaboration process, but a copy of the materials must then be saved to the departmental network drive.