ID Cards.


ID Cards

Your Drew Card performs many functions on campus. First and foremost it is a student or faculty/staff Identification Card which is issued to all members of the Drew community. These cards are required for use of the University Library and access to University buildings and facilities.

Your ID card also manages:

  • Your meal plan (Undergrad Resident students and others who have chosen a plan). At the close of each semester, any remaining meals/points with your semester plan are forfeited.
  • Your Extra Food Account – funds deposited into this account will be carried from semester to semester. You can use it in places like the Java City, C-Store, Ehringer Center Food Court.
  • Your Bookstore Account – funds deposited in this account will be carried from semester to semester.  You can use it at the Bookstore, Copiers in the Library, and Health Services.
  • Your library card (must be presented in order check to out books)
  • Drew Dollars – Students with money deposited in their bookstore account may now use their card at selected local merchants. Learn more about Drew Dollars

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your Drew Card contains internal programming (smart chip inside). Punching a hole in the card, cutting any part of the card, or bending it will deactivate the card permanently.

Add money to your Bookstore or Extra Food Account(s) – You can now load your Drew Card electronically by logging in to your TreeHouse (your proxies can also log in to put money on your accounts), there is no fee for this service. On the Student Tab in the box titled “Dining Plans and Drew Card” click on the link for “View Drew Card Balances and Add Funds” taking you to TreeHouse Self Service. Click on “Add Funds to Drew Card” and it will take you to our payment Gateway (with your information already populated). All you have to do is add dollar values to one or both of your accounts, enter your payment information (you can use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, or a Checking or Savings Account ), and then verify and submit your transaction. Your funds will show on your Drew Card within a couple of minutes. Questions should be directed to the Student Accounts Office.  Though we recommend adding funds through TreeHouse, you can also visit the Drew Campus Card Payment Gateway directly (without going through TreeHouse).  Please note however, you will have to enter the student information yourself (you will need the 9 digit Drew ID and Student Name to begin the transaction).

If you lose, damage, or break your ID, you must come to the Student Accounts Office immediately to obtain a replacement card (especially if it is lost so that it can be deactivated for security purposes). There will be no charge for the replacement of ID cards that are damaged due to normal wear and tear. This includes demagnetized, cracked, or completely faded cards.  DO NOT THROW YOUR CARD AWAY, students must bring the entire damaged card to the Student Accounts Office in order to receive the replacement card for free. A $25 fee will apply to the replacement of a lost or stolen ID card which can be paid to the cashier or charged to your student account.

New students, faculty, and staff must come to the Student Accounts office immediately to obtain an ID.