What if you could research how family structure affects the onset age of adolescent substance use...

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and the mind.

Students studying violence and reactions to violence have, as part of the course, a full-contact self-defense component.

Careers Made easy

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Our emphasis on both theory and practice has resulted in our alumni building rewarding careers everywhere from private practice to counseling centers to university settings. Many go on to graduate school in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology, to name a few.

Other graduates prove what we like to say: psychology is relevant to everything. We have clinical psychologists, social workers, plenty of teachers, including the Teach for America program, and a motivational trainer at a gym. One student came to us specifically because he knew he wanted to be a licensed funeral director.

We arrange opportunities that prepare you well for your first day on the job. Our students have interned in the court system, battered women’s shelters, psychiatric hospitals, neonatal units, even Sesame Street. If you want to pursue research, we can help you present your work at conferences and symposia.

Successful Alumni

  • Psychotherapist
    Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Psychiatric nurse-in-training
    Yale School of Nursing
  • Assistant professor
    Hofstra University

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We ask students to use their critical acumen to rate aptly namedfaculty creations during the annualPsychology Department Bake-Off.

My Favorite Course

“This class led to my research on factors that contribute to erroneous eyewitness testimony. Professor Dolan made learning the material as fun as possible, calling exams ‘celebrations of learning.'”

Nicole Donohue on Cognition

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