Pre-professional programs

Academic preparation and support for advanced education and health science careers.

Free Your Mind and the Best Will Follow.

Drew’s pre-health/pre-med curriculum builds a strong foundation of knowledge in the areas of science, social science, humanities and more.

An area of concentrated focus rather than a declarable major, Drew’s program provides students with the freedom and flexibility to customize their studies to address unique talents, interests and goals.

Success in The Forest will prepare students for the demands of graduate-level studies and lifelong careers medical and health-related fields.

Health Professions

Students get health professions advising and support at Drew, and most gain admission to the medical, dental, veterinary, and other health professions schools of their choice. At Drew University, pre-med is a “goal,” not a “major.” Students have freedom to choose from many academic majors while still completing coursework necessary for medical school and other health professions schools. Any student admitted to Drew University may participate in the health professions program.

At Drew University, you will get advice and support from at least two professors: your academic advisor, who is a professor in your chosen major field, and the Health Professions Advisor. The goal of health profession advising is to prepare each student to be as competitive as possible as an applicant to the career of his or her choice. Thus Drew students are given active guidance through the process of preparing for and applying to medical and other health professions schools. Most health professions schools also prefer that applicants work with a University Health Professions Committee. At Drew this is a group of full-time faculty members who provide support, interview practice, and advice about careers and the application process. The Committee also prepares a letter of recommendation for health professions schools based on all of your application materials and credentials.

Health professions school requirements for admission can be different for each school and can differ according to the degree program to which you are applying. Therefore, students should check with each program to which they are applying. Besides coursework, health professions schools often require extensive internships for applicants and there are many such opportunities at Drew. Drew’s Center for Internship and Career Development for an extensive listing of possible internships.

Pick your Path.

At Drew, there are two paths to medical school.


Drew’s rigorous pre-med program that will prepare you for medical programs nationwide. Drew students applying to doctoral programs, including those at Columbia, Harvard, Penn and Emory, boast an acceptance rate 15 percentage points higher than the national average.


A seven-year dual degree in medicine with the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Successful candidates spend three years of study at Drew and four years at NJMS, completing both BA and MD degrees.
Learn More about the B.A./M.D. Combined Degree Program

Less Sitting. More Doing.

Among the highlights of Drew’s experiential learning platforms, The Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE) offers students unique opportunities to engage in innovative research under the supervision of celebrated industrial scientists. Since 1980, Institute fellows have guided the research efforts of approximately 350 students majoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

As a Drew student, you are also encouraged to participate in several off-campus internships to help identify your passion within medicine. Choose from hundreds of nearby opportunities, including the exceptional and high-impact mentorship program in the Morristown Medical Center emergency room.

Find Your Yoda.

Our university health professions committee, a group of full-time faculty members, provides support, interview practice and advice about careers and the application process to pre-med/health students. The committee also prepares formal letters of recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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