What if you could explore with outstanding faculty a fundamental question in life: Does free will exist?

Philosophy is a rigorous exploration of the concepts that drive our world.

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The Princeton Review’s Best 300 Professors lists Professor Erik Anderson as one of just 10 top philosophy professors in the country.

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Our graduates often head to law school, for example, at places such as Harvard, Michigan, UCLA, NYU and Rutgers. Our students’ scores on the LSAT, MCAT and GMAT are significantly above average.

Majors in philosophy tend to be particularly sought by business schools as well, who appreciate the combination of reasoning and writing skills that, together, are a powerful and very useful combination.

Many grads have continued on in graduate education in philosophy and to write, teach and collaborate with specialists in other fields to contribute philosophical modes of thinking and wisdom.

Successful Alumni

  • Consultant
    Center for Writing Excellence, Montclair State University
  • Photographer
    Boston area
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    Komen for the Cure, Susan B. Komen Foundation

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meetings of the mind
Founded two decades ago by a student who is now a Drew philosophy professor,
the Drew University Philosophical Society gathers regularly
—and then questions what that means.

My Favorite Course

“What’s more immediate than the language you use? This course gave me the tools to look at words and their context. I can listen to what someone is saying, and get to know them better. It has helped me to understand people in a huge way.”

Jacob Hazle-Cary on Philosophy of Language

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