What if you could investigate whether insulin might protect neurons from Alzheimer’s disease...

Neuroscience is the study of the brain, from behavior to emotion to thought.

face time
The seemingly simple and effortless job of recognizing a face turns out to be a
very difficult computational task. Our lab is developing and refining a
detailed model of how the visual system does it.

Careers Made easy

piece of mind

There is a huge explosion of research in neuroscience. It’s a big frontier for new discoveries because of the wealth of new research techniques and the resulting new data.

Neuroscience is an outstanding background for medical school. Many medical schools are looking for students with grounding in humanities and social science so they can treat patients as whole individuals in complex communities.

Our alumni have gone on to grad school at Johns Hopkins, Albert Einstein Medical School, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the University of Maryland. Others teach, work in the pharmaceutical industry and are even doing neuroeconomics for marketing, studying subconscious mechanics that influence consumer choices.

Successful Alumni

  • Cognitive remediation specialist
    Bancroft Neurohealth
  • Biologist
    Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • Research assistant
    Maryland Psychiatric Research Center

Learn more about when you graduate

Our student group, Majorly Interested in Neuroscience at Drew,
organizes trips to the Liberty Science Center and shows like the Bodies exhibit
and hosts special talks and programs.

My Favorite Course

“It was a crazy hands-on experience—we did brain surgery on a rat. We had an animal that was alive, and at the end of the day, it was still alive. It was scary and wonderful.”

Melissa Levinsky on Systems Neuroscience

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