German Studies

What if you could converse knowledgeably about the pivotal role Germany plays in the European Union—and Bavarian dance...

German Studies majors master a language known for its intellectual and creative culture.

düsseldorf on the cheap
One of our students recently won a full-ride scholarship from the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (German Academic Exchange Service) for summer study in Düsseldorf.

Careers Made easy

Teutonic power

Knowledge of German is desired and often required for graduate level study in many fields, such as history, political science music or philosophy. Many of our students find that double-majoring in German opens doors for further education and employment.

The northern New Jersey region is the U.S. home to many German companies and even more U.S. companies who sell to the important German market. Knowledge of German is a huge plus in these firms.

Germany has emerged as the key player in the European economy, and therefore, the world economy. It is one of the world’s important business languages.

Successful Alumni

  • Assistant professor of German
    Dickinson College
  • Corps Member
    Teach for America
  • Electronic Warfare Specialist
    U.S. Army

Learn more about when you graduate

—the age in years of Bonn, Germany, which was founded
as a Roman garrison. Study here. Or in Berlin.
Or Freiburg in Germany’s Black Forest.

My Favorite Course

“I enjoyed memorizing the classic Heinrich Heine poem entitled ‘Lamentationen.’ It juxtaposes happiness and unhappiness, noting that happiness is but a fleeting emotion, while unhappiness seems to linger longer.”

Nicole Kuruszko on German Literature and Culture

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