What if you could survive (and love) Read Your Eyes Out, the required bootcamp for literature in English...

English is the study of the history and literature of this complex, global language.

read your eyes out
A demanding year-long literature course of gigantic proportions,
RYEO (say it like the city in Brazil) involves five stages.

Careers Made easy

Write to the City

We head into Manhattan to famous literary hotspots like the 92nd Street Y to see readings and lectures. And we bring amazing guest writers to Drew to talk with students about writing and publishing. Networking leads to opportunities.

Our students go on to a wide variety of successes. Some head for grad school in English, or to creative writing MFA programs. Others go into law, teaching, digital media or international nongovernment organizations around the globe.

As an English major from a strong liberal arts school you graduate knowing how to read, write and think. These critical evaluation and communication skills are valued by all employers in the global marketplace.

My Favorite Course

“Because of the small size, I was able to express my voice in a class that cared about what I had to say. If it weren’t for Patrick Phillips’ poetry workshop, I do not think I would be where I am today as a writer.”

John Dabrowski, on Creative Writing Workshops

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