What if you could earn your undergraduate degree and, without leaving campus, add a Master of Arts in Teaching...

Education blends the liberal arts
with a targeted path to
teacher certification at the
middle or secondary school level

round of applause
For four years in a row, Drew MAT students have won the N.J. Department of Education’s Distinguished Student Teacher Award, honoring the state’s 15 most promising future educators.

Careers Made easy

pedagogical advantage

Drew’s Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Teaching program will give you an edge competing for middle and secondary school positions, since those who hold a master’s degree have greater job opportunities, receive higher salaries and have more paths to advancement.

100 percent of last year’s Master of Arts in Teaching graduates got jobs in their chosen field.

Your certification can travel across state lines. Drew’s nationally accredited degree meets the professional requirements in all states that participate in the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification reciprocal certification agreement.

Imagine Having

A toolkit of knowledge and skills to create meaningful learning experiences.

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Teacher Certification for Middle & Secondary Schools