What if you could meet Wall Streeters in Drew’s classroom at the heart of the nation’s financial nervecenter...

Economics is the study of economic systems to help inform decisions for the future.

global economy
Students spent three weeks in the United Arab Emirates to study firsthand the economy
and politics of this suddenly and spectacularly wealthy Middle Eastern nation.

Careers Made easy

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Economics is the foundation of both scholarly careers studying and forecasting economic patterns and careers in business for banks, financial institutions and corporations of all kinds.

Many of our majors go on to prestigious business and professional schools. Some go directly to Wall Street. Others head for positions in government and nonprofits—one of our seniors interns at the Securities and Exchange Commission in Manhattan, the happy outcome of meeting a Drew alumna who works there.

Our emphasis on presentation skills, and the personalized coaching our majors get, mean they shine in lecture halls and conference rooms.

Successful Alumni

  • Chief investment officer
    BNY Mellon Wealth Management
  • Commissioner
    New Jersey Department of Human Services
  • Compliance officer
    Securities & Exchange Commission

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Bull Market
Students watched the Superbowl parade from
Drew’s own 11th floor classroom on Broadway in New York City.

My Favorite Course

“Instead of taking a general class, this allowed me to develop my interest further in international economics, and I now plan to write my honors thesis on it since I find it so interesting.”

Taylor Fichtman, on an independent study about the currency exchange market

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