What if you could get direct contact with human expression from past cultures at the Metropolitan Museum’s renowned antiquities wing...

Classics is the study of ancient Greek and Roman cultures, and their still vibrant legacy.

Most university departments have names that come from Greek or Latin because that’s when the disciplines began
Economics Gr. oikonomia=household management
Politics Gr. ta politika=matters of state
Zoology Gr. zoion=animal, logia=speaking, study of

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Classics might seem specialized, but since it’s the foundation of all liberal education it’s as broad as it can be. Many students find it a natural fit for a double major, pairing classics with philosophy, art history, English, religion, theatre arts, even biology.

Grad schools and employers appreciate this education. Go to law school or pursue disciplines such as political science, civil engineering or theater, all founded on classical ideas.

We take regular trips to the Metropolitan Museum in New York to see its amazing collection of antiquities. If that’s not adequate, intern there. It’s been done, and we can help.

Successful Alumni

  • Tax and estate lawyer, Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver
    Harrisonburg, Va.
  • Assistant professor of classics, Yale
    New Haven, Conn.
  • Senior outbound logistics analyst, Johnson & Johnson
    Skillman, N.J.

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Greek Drama
We take our students into the city to see amazing contemporary productions of ancient Greek dramas. They know the plays well and are thrilled to see how relevant the stories still are.

My Favorite Course

“Ancient Greek was my favorite because they were tiny classes that John Lenz was teaching. There was a lot of individual attention and it was awesome learning a language that almost no one knows anymore.”

Betsy Costikyan

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