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Civic Engagement Scholarship

Offered annually to students who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to community service and civic engagement during their high school years. Applicants should demonstrate leadership in organizing and implementing community projects, as well as working with people from diverse backgrounds. Scholarship recipients are required to join Drew’s Civic Scholars program, which includes participation in special classes, workshops, seminars, and off-campus service projects. Residential Civic Scholars live together in a living-learning community for their first year in the program.

To apply for the Civic Engagement Scholarship please complete for the form below.

Application deadline is February 28, 2016.  

You do not need to know if you have been admitted to Drew to apply for the Civic Engagement Scholarship, but you do need to have an admission application on file. Once your admission application has been received by Drew (usually 1-2 business days after you submit it) you will receive your Drew ID number via email.  As soon as you get your ID number you can apply for the Civic Engagement Scholarship.

Personal Information

This 9-digit ID number was emailed to you when your admissions application was received by Drew. You can also obtain your ID by logging on to drew.edu/status.
Please only enter digits, no hyphens or other characters.
Please only enter digits, no hyphens or other characters.

Home Address

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Provide a short essay which addresses 1) how you fulfill the criteria for this award, 2) what you would bring to Drew that would enhance civic engagement and community service, and 3) what you hope to gain from being a civic scholar. If your admissions application personal statement addresses some or all of these requirements, feel free to use that essay as a starting point. You may compose your essay in the text box above or copy and paste from other document editors like Word or Pages.
Provide a resume detailing any community service and/or civic engagement activities you have participated in. You may compose your resume in the text box above or copy and paste from other document editors like Word or Pages.


A letter of recommendation is required to be submitted before your scholarship application will be reviewed. It should detail 1) your effectiveness in community service, 2) your potential for leadership and 3) your interest in continuing such activities in the future. Please indicate your recommender below and we will send them an email requesting the letter on your behalf.