Art Portfolio Submission

Art Portfolio Submission

france9At Drew, you are more than a test score.  Students who excel in the arts, may elected to submit samples of work.  Areas of concentration include studio art, music, creative writing, dance, or theater.  Submissions will be reviewed and considered as a factor by our merit scholarship committee.

Submission deadline is February 15.  

To submit samples of work, please complete the form below.  In order to do so, you must have already submitted your admission application. Once your admission application has been received by Drew (usually 1-2 business days after submission) you will receive your Drew ID number via email.  As soon as you get your ID number, you may complete and submit the form below.

Personal Information

This 9-digit ID number was emailed to you when your admissions application was received by Drew. It is the number you use to access

Applicants may only apply for a scholarship in a single concentration.
Please submit a one page resume, detailing your involvement and experience in creative writing, music, art, and/or theatre. Include competitions or performances, exhibitions, awards and prizes, honors, rankings and/or ratings and special classes, workshops or professional instruction. You may compose your resume directly in the text box above, or copy and paste from other software such as Word or Pages.
In order to evaluate samples of your work, please provide a link to your website or online portfolio. If you don't have an existing online digital portfolio, many free and easy to use services such as Tumblr or Flickr are available. Music and theatre applicants might consider services like Vemo or a YouTube channel. File sharing services such as Google Drive or Dropbox are also great alternatives to provide the scholarship committee with access to samples of your work (just be sure to have the proper share settings to be sure they can be accessed).

Music Samples

Provide a link to audio files or streaming channel of your recorded performance of three contrasting works, each representing a different genre and era of music (from 18th and 20th centuries), to demonstrate your range of ability. Be sure to include the names of the works in the file descriptions.

Art Samples

Online gallery of at least twenty (20) labeled images representing your full range of talent. Make certain the first ten (10) images are of your strongest work.

Theatre - Dramaturgy Samples

Submit a casebook and/or study guide that you've done for a particular show. A casebook would be materials prepared for the director, designers, actors, etc. It usually includes an annotated script, the author's biography and body of work, information on the time period and culture in which the play was created and takes place, and production reviews. Other items may include images, recipes, music, background information on items mentioned in the play, maps, interviews, and essays.

Theatre - Playwriting Samples

Provide one short, original playscript of approximately thirty 30 pages or less.

Theatre - Design Samples

Provide images of slides of your five examples of your design work. Provide a brief description or title of the work with each image. You may submit mulplile images of the same design piece, but please provide a minimum of five separate designs.

Theatre - Dance Samples

Provide video of a short (5-10 minute) dance piece. If others are dancing with you, please be sure that we know who you are. Include a written description of the video sample.

Theatre - Acting Samples

Provide a sample performance of a five-minute, non-musical monologue. Do not submit a video of a live performance or production. Include a written description of the video sample.