Orientation Committee


Orientation Committee

New Student Orientation Committee Members

The Orientation Committee (OC) members are an integral part of every new student’s success on the Drew’s campus. As one of the first faces that a new student comes to know, the OC are ‘goodwill ambassadors’ trained to help an incoming first year and transfer students feel comfortable about their new college experience. Community is the cornerstone of being at Drew and the OC are instrumental in laying the foundations.

Each OC leader is carefully trained to be able to help make a new student’s adjustment to Drew easier. More than just helping students, the OC helps students feel more comfortable about the college transition by answering their questions about college and Drew life, helping new students bond with other students through a series of activities during the five days of orientation and into the semester that follows.

In fact, this relationship begins once students are admitted to Drew. An OC leader will be a liaison and resource as early as the semester before arrival, throughout the summer months, and through the fall semester. Incoming new students are assigned to a small group with one OC leader. Oftentimes, the small groups communicate with one another over the summer and students get to know each other before they arrive on campus for orientation.

Find Drew's 2020-2021 Orientation Leaders below!

Kavita Gordon ’22 Orientation Coordinator Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology

Shannon Mills ’23 Orientation Coordinator Major: Psychology Minor: Anthropology

Audrey Borba ’22 Major: English and Media & Communications Minor: Studio Arts, Philosophy, and French

Alivia Salls ’23 Major: Business Minor: Theater Arts, Arts Administration, and Political Science

Julia Caldwell ’24 Major: Theater Arts

Emily Palazzo ’23 Major: Philosophy Minor: Computer Science and Media & Communications

Katherine Flynn ’22 Major: Environmental Studies and International Relations Minor: Dance and French

Jamie Connors ’23 Major: Mathematics Minor: Media & Communications


Jackie Wilberton ’22 Major: History Minor: Theater Arts

Michael Bickford ’23 Major: Biochemistry

Eli Hatcher ’23 Major: Theater Arts Minor: Photography and English

Betsy-Ethel Essien ’23 Major: Undecided

Alyssa Sileo ’22 Major: Theater Arts Minor: Spanish

Fabrizzio Cevallos ’22 Major: Biology Minor: Public Health



Nichelle Ryan ’22 Major: Chemistry

Marissa Berrios ’22 Major: Public Health Minor: Biology

Anna Smith ’22 Major: Political Science and Public Health


Joolz Hamilton ’22 Major: Media & Communications and Italian Studies Minor: Creative Writing

Pippa Gerber-Stroh ’23 Major: Theater Arts Minor: Dance

Vedantika Mohile ’23 Major: Neuroscience Minor: Public Health

Melanie Haber ’22 Major: International Relations Minor: French and Middle East Studies