Master of Sacred Theology

The Master of Sacred Theology is a one-year transition to doctoral-level work for students who have completed basic theological education

Drew Provides

students with an opportunity to sharpen their scholarship and build their confidence in preparation for doctoral study.


Immerse yourself in a focused study of the Bible and early Christianity, theology and philosophy, or religion and society.

Liber chronicarum – Nuremberg, A. Koberger 1493 – Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Drew University Library


Refine your research skills through advanced, hands-on work.
Find your scholarly voice.

Shawng Htoi Lahpai
Student, Master of Sacred Theology

“Drew is far from my homeland—another part of the world. But Burma is at the verge of a democratic transition and has a dire need for scholars of the New Testament in its theological schools and seminaries. As a theological teacher, this is a prime time for me to pursue a PhD in New Testament, and Drew’s S.T.M. program is designed to sharpen one’s academic skillfulness and standing for the Ph.D. It is also intriguing to me that Drew has a faithful commitment to ‘unity in diversity,’ with academic integrity and openness in the life journey.”

Scholarly Productions

The depth of students’ new skills and insights is evidenced by their thesis topics.

The Renewal of Worship Music of Korean Church through African-American Music

A Feminist Reading of Matthew’s Decentering of the Earthly Patriarchy as an Affirmation of Trinidad Women

Finding the Proper Relationship between Human and Nature in the Ecosystem from the Perspectives of Thomas Berry and Donghak

The Search for God: from the Baltimore Catechism to the Book of Job and Various Points in Between

Graduation Requirements for Master of Sacred Theology

The S.T.M. is a one-year program which requires 18 credits to complete.

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