Master of Arts

The Master of Arts allows students
to design their own custom program
in collaboration with a faculty mentor
who shares their interests.

Drew Provides

maximum flexibility to align your studies with your
academic passions and professional goals—such as doctoral studies,
non-traditional ministries, or personal seeking.


Develop the skills of a scholar: reflect critically, research effectively, discuss thoughtfully.

Prepare to engage in action and discourse at the intersection of religion and ethics.

Combine your passion for theology and action through an optional in-depth study of ecological or social justice, gender or Africana studies, or creative arts.

Rochelle McSam
Student, Master of Arts with Social Justice concentration

“My interest is in Christian ethics as it relates to sex and shame in the church. Drew has given me the language to express the things I already felt and connected me to biblical and sociological sources that speak to these issues. Now I am in conversation with great thinkers such as Niebuhr and Thielicke and preparing to take my place as a writer, scholar and activist.”

My Favorite Course

“The Master of Arts seminar shows you how to make best use of the library and online resources for theological research. In that process, I came across some articles on postcolonial critical theory. Now I am considering further studies in postcolonial criticism as it relates to Korean theology and preparing to enter the Ph.D. program.”

Tae Hoon Lee Student, Master of Arts

Graduation Requirements for Master of Arts

The M.A. is a flexible program with minimal course requirements. 44 credits are required to complete the program, normally done in four semesters of full-time study.

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