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Master of Arts in Ministry

The Master of Arts in Ministry provides a foundation for lay ministry or ordination as a deacon in the United Methodist Church

Drew Provides

inspiration to students called to Christian leadership within and beyond the church setting.

Learn to approach sacred texts with an understanding of their history and present applications.

Study broadly or specialize in worship, music and the arts; ecological or social justice ministry; spiritual formation or Christian education; and other areas.
Develop practices that nourish individual and communal well-being.

Deb De Vos
Student, Master of Arts in Ministry

“I had served in lay leadership in my own church, but Drew’s Christian education practicum allowed me to take on new roles, such as preaching and providing pastoral care, while shadowing clergy members and learning about the full breadth of a pastor’s responsibilities. The experience helped to fill gaps in my knowledge as I prepare to pursue deacon’s orders within the Methodist church.”

My Favorite Course

“Mark Miller’s ‘Seminary Choir’ is equally challenging and spirit filled. We sing compositions that are works in progress – he gives us the basic parts and then lets the music happen. That’s a little scary for someone who grew up in the Lutheran church, but I’ve learned to let go and enjoy the creativity of it. The choir, like the seminary as a whole, is a place where every voice matters and contributes.”

Jane Bowman Student, Master Arts in Ministry

Graduation Requirements for Master of of Arts in Ministry

The M.A.M. program requires 45 credits of course work and is designed to be completed in two years, or four semesters, full-time study.

See Program Requirements and Curriculum