Worship, Spirituality and Preaching in the Korean Context

Worship, Spiritualityand Preaching

Clinton Hoggard
Associate Minister, Vine Memorial Baptist Church, Philadelphia

“I’ve come to see that spiritual formation is fundamental to congregational vitality. The Worship, Spirituality and Preaching program has given me the tools to identify and assess those needs in my own congregation. My hope now is to help better prepare them for worship through educational programs, small groups and other ministries.”

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General Requirements for the Worship, Spirituality and Preaching in the Korean Context Concentration

Worship, Spirituality, and Preaching

The Worship, Spirituality, and Preaching DMIN concentration is offered to those specializing in ministries of music, liturgy, preaching and spiritual formation; and who are sensitive to the spirituality of geography, sacred space and seasonal emphasis. It features team-teaching, travel-study, intensive sessions and active learning at multiple geographical and seasonal sites.

  • Application deadline: 7/1/15
  • Start Date: Fall 2015