GDR Student Guide – Academic and Other Information

Download in PDF format (Updated September 3, 2010)

Note: The PDF format is updated once each academic year, while the web format is updated regularly throughout each term. Where discrepancies occur, the web format supersedes the PDF format. Note also that the Regulations of the Graduate Division of Religion govern policies and procedures for the Division; where any discrepancy is found between this Guide and the Regulations, the Regulations supersede.


GDR Office
I. Basics
GDR Resources Online
Getting to know the “right” faculty
How long should you take to complete your Ph.D.?
Beware of Incomplete(s)!
Watch your language(s)!
What is the Academic Standing Committee?
Study buddies
Advice from the Financial Aid Office
Be “present”
Using library resources for research
The Writing Center is for grad students, too!
Presenting Conference Papers
Your destiny is in your own hands
We’re all in this together
II. GDRSA: Graduate Division of Religion Student Association
III. Degree Requirements
IV. Courses
V. Registration
VI. Maintaining Matriculation
VII. Transfer Credit and Student Status
VIII. Grade Requirements
IX. Incompletes and Review of Candidacy
X. Language Requirements
XI. Comprehensive Examinations
XII. The Doctoral Dissertation
XIII. Academic Integrity
XIV. Prizes and Awards
XV. Housing
XVI. Students with Disabilities
XVII. Theological School Grievance Policy
XVIII. University Human Rights Policy (uLogin required)
XIX. University Sexual Harassment Policy



Welcome to Drew’s Graduate Division of Religion! The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with all the essential information that you need in order to move knowledgeably and efficiently through your academic program. Most of what you will lead in this handbook has its ultimate origins in The Regulations of the Graduate Division of Religion (a copy of which is available on the GDR website under “Current Students”). The regulations book is primarily pitched to faculty and administration. The idea behind this handbook was to produce a version of the regulations that would be oriented fully to students, and supplemented with other crucial information that you need to know but that doesn’t appear explicitly—or at all—in the regulations. This includes “nuts and bolts” instructions on how to get various important things done and assorted “insider advice” that we hope you will find helpful. Aside from lived student experience, sources for certain of the information provided also includes Daniel’s Dictionary. The role of Religion and Society’s student handbook (previously the only such handbook in the GDR) should also be acknowledged. It stimulated the idea for the present handbook and provided a partial model for it.

The writing of the handbook was conceived at the outset as a student-faculty collaboration. Kristeen Black, a PhD student in Religion and Society, and I worked jointly to produce it. I am deeply grateful to Kris for taking on what must have seemed at times like an overwhelming task. We are both grateful to Rose Ellen Dunn, GDR Director of Admissions and Placement—and also herself a PhD student in the GDR—for her help in conceiving and outlining the scope of the project.

Stephen Moore
GDR Chair
August, 2008

GDR Office

Phone Contacts
Drew University (973) 408-3000
Graduate Division of Religion (973) 408-3410
GDR Admissions; Rose Ellen Dunn (973) 408-3311
Theological School Dean; Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan (973) 408 3258
Associate Academic Dean; Morris L. Davis (973) 408-3519
Chair of the Graduate Division of Religion; Virginia Burrus (973) 408-3099
For general inquiries, please contact:
Fax (973) 408-3592
Office Location
GDR Administrative Office Davies House, Room 203
GDR Office of Admission and Placement Davies House, Room 201
Mailing Address
The Graduate Division of Religion
Drew University, Davies House
36 Madison Ave.
Madison, NJ 07940