Miran Jeon T’13 Delivers Commencement Remarks

This year, MDiv graduate Miran Jeon T’13 delivered one of the commencement speeches, an honor that goes to an MDiv student every other year. An excerpt follows:


Living in a new country has taught me not only to see new ways of thinking and lifestyle, but it has also helped me to understand what it means to live as a minority in a society. I learned what it meant to be a person who was marginalized.  Yet, I also realized that such experiences would greatly help me in my ministry.

Through these experiences, I sometimes felt powerless and doubted my vision that we can make a change in society. But my status of being powerless and experiencing such feelings of doubt did not last long, because I knew I had sincere people in the Drew Theo community who always reminded me that such experiences are not the end but are a part of the process of change.

I have had professors who taught us about the brokenness of society and guided us to believe that new changes will come via our rightful choices and actions that embrace all broken hearts. At the Theological School, we have friends from many backgrounds, who are patient and are willing to listen to each others’ stories. In my case, through their thoughtful acceptance and their wise wisdom, I restored my strength to think critically and build my hope for change. The Drew Theo community has been my authentic support during my studies.

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