Faculty Accomplishments

September 2011 – April 2012

Chris Boesel has a chapter contribution in a new book from Eerdmanns entitled Prophetic Evangelicals: Envisioning a Just and Peaceable Kingdom, eds. Benson, Bruce Ellis, Malinda Elizabeth Berry, and Peter Heltzel, 2012.

Virginia Burrus published “Seeing God in Bodies: Wolfson, Rosenzweig, Augustine,” in Reading the Church Fathers, ed. Scot Douglass and Morwenna Ludlow (London: T&T Clark, 2011), pp 44-59, 176-79; and “Wyschogrod’s Hand: Saints, Animality, and the Labor of Love,” in Philosophy Today 55.4 (Winter 2011): 412-421.

Dr. Burrus gave a paper at the Oxford International Patristics Conference entitled “The Virgin, Her Mother, and the Virgin Mother: Mariology in the Life of Helia;” presented a special lecture at the Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity in conjunction with the Corpus Christi Classical Seminar entitled “Helia, Girl Sophist: Christianity and the Feminization of Rhetorical Voice;” a lecture for the Corpus Christi Late Roman Seminar entitled “Hispania and its Hidden Heretics: Is the Life of Helia a Priscillianist Work?” and presented a paper entitled “Rhetorical Performance and Exegesis in the Life of Saint Helia,” at a conference at the Universitaet Siegen, Germany, “Asceticism and Exegesis in Early Christianity.” She delivered a lecture titled “St. Helia Talks Back” on March 16, 2012, at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY, where she was a Gender and Women’s Studies Lecturer, and again on April 9, 2012, at Washington University in St. Louis, where she was the Weltin Lecturer in Early Christianity. She was one of four scholars lecturing on “Sex and the Sacred” at King’s College London on May 18, 2012, an event cosponsored by Queer@King’s and the Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies; her paper was titled “Desiring Women in Ancient Christian Novels.” She also gave a paper titled “Does Methodius Do Dialogue?” at the North American Patristics Society meeting May 24-26, 2012, and a paper titled “’Nec sanabatur vulnus illud meum’ (Conf. 6.15): Trauma, time, and representation in Augustine’s Confessions” at a conference on “Trauma and Traumatization in and Beyond Biblical Literature,” at Aarhus University, Denmark, June 6th-9th, 2012.

Robert Corrington presided at the Second International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism at Drew, celebrating the first and second generation ecstatic naturalists working out of the philosophy developed by Dr. Corrington beginning in the early 1990s.

Heather Elkins published “Signs and Mystery,” in Upper Room Disciplines 2011, Upper Room Books, 2010, 359-365.  Dr. Elkins presented “Genesis of Sacrament” to the North American Academy of Liturgy, Feminist Studies in Liturgy Seminar; and presented on Drew’s Appalachian Art, Energy, Education curriculum to the Appalachian Ministry Resource Center Board of Directors. She also delivered “He Descended into Hell” Sermon & Lecture Series at Johnson Memorial Church, Huntington District,West Virginia.

Melanie Johnson-DeBafure published “Beyond the Heroic Paul: Toward a Feminist and Decolonizing Approach to the Letters of Paul,” co-authored with Laura S. Nasrallah, in Christopher Stanley, ed., The Colonized Apostle: Paul Through Postcolonial Eyes (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2011), 161-74.

Otto Maduro published “An(other) Invitation to Epistemological Humility: Notes toward a Self-critical Approach to Counter-Knowledges,” in Decolonizing Epistemologies: Latina/o Theology and Philosophy (eds. Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz and Eduardo Mendieta) 2012, New York: Fordham University Press; and “Teaching Bourdieu on and in the Study of Religion,” Bulletin for the Study of Religion 41, 1 (2012): 32-41. He began a one-year term as President of the American Academy of Religion, see “A Conversation with the President,” Religious Studies News March 2012.  Dr. Maduro was appointed to the Editorial Board of the Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, Brill Academic Publishers, The Netherlands; and was appointed to the Advisory Board of the book series Studies in Critical Research on Religion, Brill Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

Mark Miller served as Music Director, Interfaith 9-11 Service, Summit NJ.  September 27, Guest Lecturer, Sacred Music Forum, Westminster Choir College, Princeton NJ.  September 29, Oct 8, Music Minister, High Holy Day Services, West End Synangogue, NYC.  October 23, Music Director, Extraordinary Ordination of DelYn Celec, Church Within a Church, Tucson AZ.  November 11-13, Music & Worship Director, Exploration, GBHEM national event, St Louis MO.  January 6-7, Worship & Workshop Leader, Choirster’s Guild Mid-Winter Event, Dallas TX.  January 13-14, Keynote Speaker, RMN annual gathering, Northern Illinois Annual Conf, Chicago, IL.

Stephen Moore published four essays, “Paul after Empire,” in The Colonized Apostle: Paul through Postcolonial Eyes, ed. Christopher D. Stanley (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2011); “Why There Are No Humans or Animals in the Gospel of Mark,” in Mark as Story: Retrospect and Prospect, ed. Kelly R. Iverson and Christopher W. Skinner (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011); “The ‘Turn to Empire’ in Biblical Studies” in Search: A Church of Ireland Journal 35:1 (2012): 19-27; and with Jennifer Glancy “How Typical a Roman Prostitute Is Revelation’s ‘Great Whore’?” Journal of Biblical Literature 130:3 (2011): 543-62; in addition to a review of Empire and the Christian Tradition, ed. Kwok Pui-lan et al, in The Bible and Critical Theory. At the AAR/SBL annual meeting in San Francisco, he responded to panel reviews of his book, The Bible in Theory: Critical and Postcritical Essays (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2010), and was also a panelist for a session entitled “Reading the Bible with Mary Ann Tolbert.”

Dr. Moore presented lecture series to two Morristown churches: two sections on Paul at Morristown United Methodist Church, and three one-hour presentations on the Gospel of John at the Morristown Presbyterian Church.He was one of four New Testament scholars who participated in the Council for a New New Testament, which met in New Orleans on February 24-26.  The council, otherwise made up of spiritual leaders from multiple faith traditions, including two UMC bishops, is dedicated to reopening and expanding the New Testament canon.  The council’s work will issue in the publication next year by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt of a New Testament with ten additional books. He also delivered the 2012 Edward and Mildred Meese Lecture in Religion and Philosophy at the Institute for Ethics, Adrian College, in Adrian, Michigan. The lecture was titled “Is the Bible an Ethical Text? Moral Interrogation of the ‘Good Book’ from the Eighteenth Century to the Present.”

Elias Ortega-Aponte presented two papers at the Annual Symposium on African American Culture & Philosophy, “Converging Paths: Ideology, History, and the Recovery of Afro-Latino/a Identity in the Young Lords,” and “Mayra Santos-Febrés and the Literary Performance of Blackness in the Spanish Caribbean.” Additionally, he conducted a workshop for Bethel AME church in Morristown, “Ministry among Latino/a-Hispanics and Black/Brown Relations, ” and presented the opening lecture for African Heritage Month at Drew University: “Attica’s Long Shadow: Coalitional Politics Against Global Lockdown!”

Kathryn Ott published the edited volume Faith, Feminism and Scholarship: The Next Generation, with Melanie L. Harris, (Palgrave MacMillian, 2011).  At the Society of Christian Ethics Meeting she responded to James Keenan, “A Case for Professional Academic Ethics,” and was voted Women’s Caucus Co-Convener with Keri Day of Brite Divinity School.  Dr. Ott also led a two day working retreat on “Sexual Health, Education and Justice for Congregational and Denominational Advocacy” for the Feminist Agenda Network of the Presbyterian Church in Claremont, California.

Carl Savage published “A Rare Aureus from Antoninus Pius at Bethsaida” 
Israel Numismatic Research, Vol 6, 2011, (The Israel Numismatic Society website www.ins.org.il). At Batchelder Biblical Archaeology Conference, Dr. Savage presented the paper “After 25 years, sometimes you have to change your mind: Rethinking the refounding of Bethsaida in light of a possible Hellenistic fortress wall in A West;” and at The American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, he presented “Assemblage at the Gate: Marking the Sacred and Domestic Ritual?” He led a workshop for new DMIN directors and presided as the outgoing President at the Association of Doctor Of Ministry Education annual meeting. At First Presbyterian Church of Rutherford, Rutherford, NJ, he was the Speaker’s Bureau lecturer on John and Archaeology: “What digging at Bethsaida tells about the Gospel of John.”

Angella Son presented two papers at the Society for Biblical Literature, “Jeong as Self object Experiences between Naomi and Ruth and an Instrument in the Formation of the Being-in Encounter,” with the Bible and Pastoral Theology section; and, “Moses’ Act of Murder as a Rage Resulting from a Narcissistic Injury,” with the Psychology and Biblical Studies section. Dr. Son also led a workshop on couples and marriage, ACC Couples Retreat 2011, in Parsippany, NJ.

Althea Spencer-Miller delivered the Bishop Sprague Lecture at North Broadway United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio, and the Kathleen O’Brien Wicker Endowment Lecture at Scripps College, in Claremont California.  Dr. Spencer-Miller received a Luce Faculty Grant, and.  conducted the workshop “Jesus and Poverty” for the Capital District of the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Traci West published the essay “Reinhold Niebuhr on Realism” in Beyond the Pale: Reading Ethics from the Margins edited by Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas and Miguel De La Torre (Westminster John Knox, 2011). Dr. West delivered the Katie G. Cannon lecture at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky), “What Does Anti-racist Christian Sexual Ethics Look Like?” and gave a keynote speech at the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault 30th Anniversary Celebration in Moorestown, NJ.  Along with Drew Theological School faculty colleagues Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan and Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, she also has an entry in the series edited by Ronald Allen, Dale P. Andrews, and Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm, Preaching God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary Year B (Westminster John Knox).