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Faculty Profiles

The scholarly pursuits of our faculty form the core of our learning and worshipping community. Review their profiles to find out what our professors are thinking, writing and preaching about.

Tanya Linn Bennett
Associate Dean for Vocation and Formation
Associate Professor in the Practice of Public Theology and Vocation

MDiv, MPhil, PhD, Drew University
BA, Allegheny College

Seminary Hall 107

Tanya Linn Bennett CV

Chris Boesel
Associate Professor of Christian Theology

MTS, PhD, Emory University
BA, Westmont College

Seminary Hall 107

Chris Boesel CV

Katherine Brown
Associate Professor of Language and Culture in the Practice of Ministry
Director, English for Speakers of Other Languages

Seminary Hall B011

Robert S. Corrington
Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Philosophical Theology

MPhil, PhD, Drew University
BA, Temple University

Seminary Hall 13


Morris L. Davis
Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and Wesleyan/Methodist Studies
Director of Wesleyan/Methodist Studies

MPhil, PhD, Drew University
BA, Houghton College

Seminary Hall 104

Morris L. Davis CV

Heather Murray Elkins
Frederick Watson Hannan Professor of Worship, Preaching and the Arts

PhD, Drew University
MDiv, Duke University
MA, University of Arizona
BA, Prescott College

Seminary Hall 103

Heather Murray Elkins CV

Danna Nolan Fewell
John Fletcher Hurst Professor of Hebrew Bible

MTS, PhD, Emory University
BA, Louisiana College

Seminary Hall 105

Danna Nolan Fewell CV

Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
Associate Dean for the Theological School and Graduate Curriculum
Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity

MDiv, ThD, Harvard University
BA, Eastern College

Seminary Hall 102

Meredith E. Hoxie Schol
Director of Doctoral Studies
Assistant Professor in the Practice of Education & Leadership

PhD, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
MDiv, Boston University
BA, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Seminary Hall 21

Kimberleigh Jordan
Assistant Professor of Religion and the Arts and Black Studies

PhD, New York University
MDiv, Union Theological Seminary
BA, University of North Carolina

Seminary Hall 207

Laurel Kearns
Professor of Ecology, Religion and Society

MA, PhD, Emory University
BA, Florida State University

Seminary Hall 108

Laurel Kearns CV

Catherine Keller
George T. Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology

PhD, Claremont Graduate University
MDiv, Eden Theological Seminary
BA, University of Heidelberg

Seminary Hall 110

Hyo-Dong Lee
Associate Professor of Comparative Theology

PhD, Vanderbilt University
MDiv, United Theological College
BA, BTh, MA, McGill University
BA, Yonsei University

Seminary Hall 22

Hyo-Dong Lee CV

Jesse Mann
Associate Professor in the Practice of Bibliography and Theological Research
Theological Librarian

MA, PhD, University of Chicago
BA, Dickinson College

Library 127A

Mark A. Miller
Director of Craig Chapel
Associate Professor of Church Music
Composer in Residence

MM, The Juilliard School
BA, Yale University

Seminary Hall 206

Mark Miller CV

Stephen Moore
Edmund S. Janes Professor of New Testament Studies

PhD, University of Dublin
BA, University College, Galway

Seminary Hall 106

Stephen Moore CV

Kevin Newburg
Assistant Professor in the History of Christianity

MPhil, PhD, Drew University
MA, Nazarene Theological Seminary
BA, MA, Point Loma Nazarene University

Seminary Hall 17

Kenneth Ngwa
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible

PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary
BA, MA Yaoundé Faculty of Protestant Theology, Cameroon

Seminary Hall 23

Kenneth Ngwa CV

Elìas Ortega-Aponte
Associate Professor of Social Theory and Religious Ethics

MDiv, PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary
BA, Calvin College

Seminary Hall 24

Elias Ortega-Aponte CV

Kate M. Ott
Associate Professor of Christian Social Ethics
University Scholar in Everyday Ethics

PhD, Union Theological Seminary
MAR, Yale University
BA, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Seminary Hall 28

Kate M. Ott CV

Arthur Pressley
Associate Professor of Psychology and Religion

PhD, Northwestern University
MDiv, Garrett-Evangelical Seminary
BA, Allegheny College

Seminary Hall 208

Jennifer A. Quigley
Assistant Professor of New Testament
and Early Christian Studies
Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow

ThD, Harvard University
BA, MDiv, STM, Boston University

Seminary Hall 19

Jennifer A. Quigley CV

Carl Savage
Associate Professor of Biblical Archeology

MPhil, PhD, Drew University
MDiv, DMin, Wesley Theological Seminary
AB, Princeton University

Seminary Hall 19

Daniel D. Shin
E. Stanley Jones Chair in Evangelism
Assistant Professor of Theology and World Christianity

PhD, University of Chicago
MDiv, Yale University
BA, MA, Wheaton College

Seminary Hall 18

Daniel D. Shin CV

Gary V. Simpson
Associate Professor of Homiletics

DMin, United Theological Seminary
MDiv, Union Theological Seminary
BA, Denison University

Seminary Hall 16

Gary V. Simpson CV

Angella M. Pak Son
Associate Professor of Psychology and Religion

PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary
BSB, University of Minnesota

Seminary Hall 25

Angella M. Pak Son CV

Althea Spencer-Miller
Assistant Professor of New Testament

PhD, Claremont Graduate University
ThM, Emory University
BA, University of the West Indies

Seminary Hall 29

Althea Spencer-Miller CV

Leonard Sweet
Professor Emeritus of Evangelism

PhD, University of Rochester
MDiv, Colgate Rochester Divinity School
BA, University of Richmond

J. Terry Todd
Associate Professor of American Religious Studies

PhD, Columbia University
MDiv, Harvard University
BA, Boston University

Seminary Hall 114

J. Terry Todd CV

Javier Viera
Dean of the Theological School
Professor of Pastoral Theology

EdD, Columbia University
STM, Yale University
MDiv, Duke University
BA, Florida Southern College

Seminary Hall 102

Peter D. Weaver
Florence E. Bell Bishop-in-Residence

ThD, Boston University
MDiv, Drew Theological School
BA, West Virginia Wesleyan University

Seminary Hall

Traci C. West
James W. Pearsall Professor of Christian Ethics and African American Studies

PhD, Union Theological Seminary
MDiv, Pacific School of Religion
BA, Yale University

Seminary Hall 203

Nancy Lynne Westfield
Professor of Religious Education

PhD, The Union Institute
MA, Scarritt Graduate School
BA, Murry State University

Seminary Hall 15

Nancy Lynn Westfield CV