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A Public Theology Initiative


Social Justice Leadership Project

Our Goals

The Social Justice Leadership Project is committed to lifting up the voices of justice artists - critical writers, painters, poets, dancers, musicians, and organizers - whose expressions of insight are sorely needed to turn public discourse toward creative visions for our collective future. We understand ourselves as partners in a collaborative project to both generate ideas from thought leaders in important areas of social justice, as well as form coalitions with leading activist organizations and justice artists. Toward these ends, this website will act as a platform and hub. Our hope is that together we can forge connections between multi-faith partners, and foster spiritually-based, socially-engaged conversations, prophetic criticism, and strategies for social change.

Launching the Social Justice Leadership Project

Tipple-Vosburgh Lectures and Theological School Alumni Reunion

Join us for the 2018 Tipple-Vosburgh Lectures and Theological School Alumni Reunion on October 2–4, featuring the launch of Drew’s public theology initiative, The Social Justice Leadership Project: Connecting Thought with Action.

Featured speakers and justice artists will challenge, inspire and guide participants in connecting their ideas and resources with purposeful action that leads to real change in local communities. Attendees will feast on the spiritual and organizational wisdom of leaders committed to renewing congregations by forming coalitions and movements which foster transformation in the lives of those they serve. Drew faculty will also explore ways to expand and amplify the work of social justice and repair in our world.