Religion and Global Health Forum

A Hearty Faith and a Healthier World

Welcome to the Religion and Global Health Forum (RGHF) – henceforth the Forum. Inspired by one of the ancient prophet’s questions: “Is there no Balm in Gilead? Is there no doctor there?” (Jer. 8:24), we at the Forum have a dream:

To build a world where peoples of all socio-economic, racial, religious, gendered, geographical, cultural, and differently abled backgrounds and bodies, especially the historically marginalized, have access to consistent, quality healthcare and dignity.

For us, this dream requires intentional, ethical, holistic, and strategic considerations of how religion and faith can and do function as healthcare assets, and as catalysts for high quality healthcare outcomes in the global landscape and experience.

The Forum partners with scientists, researchers, religious leaders, writers, poets, educators, counselors, etc. in the fields of medical, social, political, and environmental sciences, to host panel discussions, presentations, and partnership building platforms that will improve individual and public health outcomes across the world. The Forum brings the expertise of different health-related disciplines to share knowledge, strategies, challenges, and processes associated with examining religion as a health asset and a catalyst for health.

A Message from the Director

I am extremely delighted that we are able to begin this forum here at Drew University Theological School. A healthier world is what we need. And I believe religious persons have a lot to say and do to achieve that. Our global networks, our theological commitments, and our interdisciplinary approaches to the work of life and community and faith, are all resources for showcasing how religion can be a major asset for creating concrete global health outcomes. ”
Director's Statement
Dr. Kenneth Ngwa, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, Drew Theological School

First Year Celebration

Theme: Global Innovations for the Healing of the Nations

Join us as we celebrate the first year anniversary of the Religion and Global Health Forum at Drew Theological School, with the theme of "Global Innovations for the Healing of the Nations." This event will be held on February 25th from 1-3PM EST, and we will be inviting Rev. Fred D. Smith Jr., Ph.D; Nashon Hornsby, JD, LLM; Rev. Vanessa M. Wilson, JD, MDiv, MBA, STM; Paolo Marchettini, DMA; and the Tribe of Judah Dance Ministry.

For further information about how to join the conversation, review the event flyer here.

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