Upcoming Events.


Upcoming Events

GDR Lecture with Dr. Yohana Junker

The Graduate Division has invited Dr. Yohana Junker to give a lecture entitled “Weaving Water: On the Poetics of Resistance” on April 28th at 2:00 PM EDT. Dr. Junker is the Assistant Professor of Art, Religion, and Culture, and the Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Scholar at Claremont School of Theology. As her biography states:

“Dr. Junker’s research probes the intersections among the fields of art history, eco-criticism, and decolonial studies, with special attention to contemporary Indigenous and diasporic art practices. In her writing, art, and activism, she explores the human capacity to imagine and retrieve generative ways of being even in the face of impossibility. She also investigates the ways artists create poetic spaces that allow viewers to come together, to reclaim agency and restore a sense of purpose, a thirst for justice, and a desire for transformation. Her artwork is central to her scholarship and activism.”

Registration for this event is located below to interested participants.

GDR Lecture - Dr. Yohana Junker

GDR Lecture - Dr. Yohana Junker