Drew doctoral students join largest FTE class

Elyse Ambrose, Ericka Dunbar, Nikki Hoskins and June Hee Yoon awarded fellowships from the Forum for…

The 2018 Drew Theological School Honors

Forty prizes were bestowed to 44 students during a ceremony at Seminary Hall.

Drew Alum Earns Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize

Drew Alumnus Thomas Millary wins award for best paper by a junior scholar at Ecstatic Naturalism Congress…

Presenting TEDxDrewUniversity: A Student Production

Theo School's Dr. Kate Ott gives talk on ethics of consent and the human dignity of women and girls.


Drew Theological School

Drew Theological School

Rooted. Innovative. Courageous.

We are looking for believers, activists, seekers, thinkers, counselors, preachers, teachers, poets and dreamers who value thinking and action.

• Commit to courageous Christianity.
• Mix it up for ecological and social justice.
• Inspire the church, the neighborhood, the city, the world.

2018 Summer Music Institute - Honoring Bodies in Worship and Song

How does the way we worship and sing together teach us to honor each others’ bodies in all times and spaces? In an era of increasing attention to sexual harassment and assault of women through the #MeToo movement, but also of people across gender identities, this two day institute will introduce, produce and practice liturgy and music that teaches and celebrates the sacredness of God’s living temples... our bodies.

Logo Artwork: © Debra Trisler, image used with permission.