Our Mission

The Sustainability Committee is a President-appointed group of faculty, staff, and students who work together to develop sustainable environmental practices at Drew. We will work to promote environmental awareness among all members of the Drew community, to further long-range environmental planning by the University, and to assist the University in carrying out its civic responsibilities in the area of the environment.

The Committee intends that this work will result in the reduction of the University’s environmental impact to sustainable levels. The Committee aims to formalize campus policies, centralize information about sustainability at Drew, and facilitate collaboration between all members of the Drew community interested in making the campus sustainable.

Annual Report 2011-2012

Fall 2012 Meeting Schedule

The Sustainability Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month from 3-4pm in Seminary Hall. You may also join various working groups that meet outside this time. Check back for working group leaders for Fall 2012.

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Membership 2012-2013

  • Fred Curtis, Professor of of Economics and Environmental Studies and Sustainability (ESS)
  • Michael Kopas, Executive Director of Facilities and Director of Special Projects
  • Michelle Brisson, Director of Student Activities
  • Christina Notas (chair), Campus Sustainability Coordinator
  • Laurel Kearns, Professor of Sociology of Religion and Environmental Studies
  • Mark Vallero, General Manager of Drew Dining
  • Michael Richichi, Director of Computing & Networking Services
  • Emily Pitts, College of Liberal Arts
  • Theresa Ellis, Graduate Division of Religion
  • Ryan Hinrichs, Professor of Chemistry and ESS
  • Sarah Wald, Professor of English and ESS
  • Tyler Kaufman, Graduate Division of Religion, Class of 2012
  • Lindsay Guy, Graduate Division of Religion
  • Robin Dienal, College of Liberal Arts
  • Kara Pennino,  College of Liberal Arts
  • Patrice Reyes, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies
  • Elizabeth Freese Graduate Division of Religion Student Association
  • Tyler Kaufman Theological Student Association and TERRA Student Group
  • Evelyn Meisenbacher College of Liberal Arts
  • Sylvie Harris College of Liberal Arts

Questions? Comments?

Email sustainability@drew.edu.