Bike Racks located around the Drew campus:


  • Tolley – 1 by front door
  • McClintock – 1 in front
  • Holloway – 1 on road side
  • Welch – 1 in front of building
  • Eberhardt – 1 by front door
  • Riker – 2 in lobby (circle side)
  • Baldwin – 1 on campus side
  • EC – 1 in front
  • Hoyt – 1 by back door
  • Asbury – 1 by back door
  • BC – 2 by handicap ramp
  • Hall of Sci – 1 in front
  • Library – 1 left side of front doors
  • Commons – 1 by CUE office
  • Tipple – 2 in front, 1 in back
  • Dorothy Young – 1 in front
  • Public Safety/Pepin – 1 in front

Bike Turn Signals

Practice bike safety by using the turn signals below:

Donate a Bike!

Graduating? No longer in need of your bike? We welcome donations of bikes to the Drew Bike program that are in good working condition and prefer mountain-bike style bikes. Older 3-speeds and single-speed bikes are perfect for campus riding. Flat tires, out of true wheels, squeaky chains, etc. are not a problem.

Please send an email containing the following information:

1. Your name:
2. Your preferred phone number:
3. Your email address:
4. How many bikes do you have to donate?
5. What brand and type of bike(s) do you have to donate?
6. What is the condition of the bike(s) you have to donate?
7. What is the approximate age of the bike(s) you have to donate?
8. Can you drop off the bike(s) on campus?
9. Any additional comments:

Thank you !

Stolen Bike?

To report a stolen bike, go to the Drew Police Department located at Pepin with a written statement of your claim. Drew Police keep a record of all stolen bikes in efforts to recover them.

Lock for Personal Bikes

Need a lock for your personal bike? Contact to loan a U-lock.

Bike Advocacy Links

Interested in bike advocacy? Want to start a bike repair group? Contact

Bike Maps for around New Jersey.