Summer College Curriculum

Mini Courses (2 Meetings)

Mini-courses are designed to give you a sense of continuity of a college course.  Between classes, you may have a short assignment to complete as you would regularly in college courses.

Single Classes and Talks

The single classes and talks are designed either to introduce academic fields that you may not have encountered in high school or to give you a sense of how a familiar field is taught differently at a college level.  Some of the class topics are the professors’ research specialties; others are the focus of courses they will be teaching during the next academic year.

Experiential Learning

As part of its undergraduate education, Drew emphasizes experiential learning, learning that connects the knowledge you acquire in the classroom with concrete problems that involve hands-on activities.  Several of the classes in the weeks program are designed to give you a taste of this kind of learning both in the sciences and in the arts.

Information Sessions

  • Admissions and Financial Aid Session
    The staff members from the Drew Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid will give you their perspectives on the college application process and the issue of how to fund your education.
  • Your Post-College Plans (Career Center Session)
    The Director of the Drew Career Center will talk about some surprising connections and disconnections between college majors and post-college careers and help you think about how to make the most of your four years in college.
  • Why Study Abroad or Off-Campus?
    You’ll hear about the international and off-campus experiences of your mentors and have a chance to talk with the Director of the Off-Campus Study Office about the value of these experiences as part of an undergraduate education.

Undergraduate Mentors

Students may spend their free time and meals talking with Drew undergraduate mentors about their college experiences and college choices.  The mentors, who have been especially selected to work with you in

their program, come from many different backgrounds, interests, and majors and are eager to help you think about your future as a college student.

Evening Programs

Student life on a residential campus like Drew’s is more than about going to class.  Evenings are filled with club meetings, lectures, concerts, performances, and time spent hanging out in The Other End, our student-run coffee house.  The evening activities planned for the Summer College Program will allow you to sample, hear about, and participate in some of these activities.  there will also be time to swim in the pool, play Frisbee on the lawn, or go read in the library.