Understanding Your Current Balance and Graduation Status


Understanding Your Current Balance and Graduation Status

The quickest and easiest way to locate your current balance (account balance, pending financial aid, combined current balance, and current amount due) is to check your TreeHouse Ladder account.

Locating Your Balance

When you open up TreeHouse Ladder, it will default to the student view, where you should be able to see the “Student Alerts” section directly following “Student View” portion of TreeHouse Ladder:

  • Your “Account Balance” is the total amount charged to the account that has not been covered by any funds.
  • Your “Less Pending Financial Aid” is the amount of pending aid on your account.
  • Your “COMBINED CURRENT BALANCE” is the “Account Balance” less the pending financial aid that you are set to receive (assuming everything is in order with the Financial Aid office).
  • Your “CURRENT DUE” is the amount owed as of today’s date.  This excludes any future payment plan payments, as well as financial aid that is going to be received that has been applied by the Financial Aid office.

Student Accounts Office Graduation Status

Note:  This will be a future feature of Ladder available in April of 2013.  Additional features will shortly follow.

Seniors that plan to graduate in the academic year will have important information regarding the status of their student account under the “Status of Graduation Application” portion of Ladder:

You will receive one of the following two notices for your Student Accounts Office account:

1.)  Your Student Office Account is Clear

  •  This means that for all Student Account Office related activities, you are ready to graduate.

2.)  Student Account Office Hold

  •  You will either see:
    • The balance on your student account is greater than $3,000. You will be unable to participate in Commencement or receive your diploma or transcript. Please make payment arrangements as soon as possible at (973) 408-3114 or studentaccounts@drew.edu.
  • Or:
    • The balance on your student account is greater than $300. You will be unable to receive your diploma or transcript. Please make payment arrangements as soon as possible at (973) 408-3114 or studentaccounts@drew.edu.