Important Notices


Important Notices

Paperless Billing

Drew University issues all billing statements electronically. Please note that a paper billing statement will not be mailed to either the student or parent. An e-mail notification will be sent to the student’s official Drew University e-mail address when the monthly and semester statements are produced.  This e-mail is also sent to individuals with Proxy access to statements.  Statements are also available (in PDF format) through TreeHouse.

Students who wish to have this information emailed to a parent or guardian need to set up proxy authorization for the specified individual.  It is especially important that the student be aware of the billing process as he/she must provide access for parents or guardians in order for them to receive notice of the billing statement. Instructions on setting up proxy access for parents or guardians can be found HERE. Please note that Drew acknowledges and closely follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

If you would like to understand the information you see on your billing statement, click HERE.

Please be advised that failure to make full payment or obtain and bring current a payment plan by the specified due date can result in the assessment of a late fee.  If your account remains unpaid after the close of the semester for which the balance pertains your account may be referred to an outside agency and you may be responsible for additional fees per the Default of Payment policy.

Registration and Transcripts

Students must have a clear account balance to participate in registration for any upcoming semester or to receive transcripts. Please be advised that ANY payments made to clear a student’s account for registration, transcripts, diplomas, or commencement participation MUST be made using secured funds (cash, credit card, money order, or bank/cashier’s check).  Any payment made to clear an account using a personal or business check will have a ten business day hold until the funds clear. For more information please see our available payment options.

Recent News & Information

We hope that this information is helpful in answering any billing questions you may have. Should you require any additional help please feel free to contact us in the Student Accounts Office, located on the first floor of Holloway Hall, at (973) 408-3114, or All of this information is also available online.