Default of Payment


Default of Payment

When a student registers for coursework or other academic progress, there are fees associated with that registration that are outlined by the Tuition & Fees Schedule published in late spring of each year for the following academic year.  Tuition & fees schedules for previous academic years are available in the Student Accounts Office.

An electronic billing statement is made available to students each semester and on a continuing monthly basis and can be retrieved by logging into their TreeHouse access. They also have real-time access to their student account through TreeHouse at any time and are able to grant access to up to 5 authorized viewers by setting up access for them once they are logged into their TreeHouse.  Please note that Drew acknowledges and closely follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The student is responsible for payment of fees associated with their enrollment which must be paid prior to the start of the semester. Any balances that become due after the semester billing – i.e. registration changes, financial aid changes, fines, etc. – are due immediately.  A student may not register for a subsequent semester if a balance from a current or previous semester remains.  If any overdue obligation is referred either to the University Collection Department or to an outside agency or attorney for collection efforts and/or legal suit, the debt shall be increased to cover all reasonable costs of collection, including collection agency fees (up to 40% of each payment collected will be paid to agency fees leaving as little as 60% of payments to be applied toward the principle balance), attorney fees, and court costs.  By registering for any academic progress at Drew University, each student accepts and agrees to be bound by the foregoing University policy as applied to any preexisting or future obligation to Drew University.

Policy effective as of Spring 2009.

Late Fees

Please note that payments and/or payment plans are expected to be set up by August 5th for the Fall terms, and January 5th for the Spring terms. Late fees will be assessed to a students account on day one of the term if a payment plan or payment in full has not been made in full by dates stated. Please refer to the Tuition and Fee Schedule for most current Late Fee charge amount.