Credit Refund Information


Credit Refund Information

Refunds are issued upon request on a weekly basis one week after add/drop closes and funds have been posted to the account. Below is more detailed information regarding our refunding process, however, please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

How do I request my refund?

Students should complete a refund request on or before Monday at 5:00pm to be included in the Thursday disbursement (refunds are processed weekly).

How will I receive my refund?

Students who have enrolled in a term for the first time at Drew will receive a registration email from (ALL enrolled students will receive this email).  Registering for this portal access will allow you to make a selection regarding the receipt of your refund via Direct Deposit to your personal bank account.  You can register and manage your options at

Refund Method Registration Screen

Refund Management Portal

Can I just pick up my refund instead?

No.  Student refunds are no longer provided by paper check.  Logging into the Refund Portal ( and selecting the Direct Deposit option will make your funds available to you the quickest.

Can my refund be paid to someone else?

Student refunds can only be paid to the student.

What does “settled credit account balance” mean?

Settled credit account balance means that there are no more PENDING financial aid items or future credits expected that are creating the credit on the account balance.  No refunds are processed for a credit account balance that is created by pending financial aid (not yet received) or credits created by future payments on an active payment plan (potential credit).

Why do I have to wait until a week after add/drop closes?

During the add/drop period, students can make changes in their schedule which can also impact your eligibility for the financial aid awards you’ve been given (Scholarship, Grants, Loans).  Once add/drop closes Financial Aid will conduct a reconciliation of awards done during the week following add/drop.  This is when they will make any required changes to your aid awards based on your finalized enrollment.  Financial Aid may have to make changes even after the reconciliation as it depends on outside award sources (Federal/State verification processes), but add/drop closure is the first point at which we can make a reasonable determination of your account credit.

What if I cannot wait until add/drop closes to receive my refund?

Students who need consideration for an early disbursement of their credit balance to pay for school related expenses outside of their Drew account can submit their request by sending an email to  Please provide detailed information about those expenses and when they need to be paid.  Each request will be reviewed and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.  It is important to notice that if changes occur to your account that create a balance due after an early refund disbursement has been issued, that balance is due immediately.

Title IV Funding Questions and Answers

If/when Title IV Federal Funding is greater than institutional charges, a Title IV credit balance will occur in which the University is obligated to process a refund to the student for these excess funds. Students will be notified via email when this occurs. More information can be found on our Title IV FAQ Summary Sheet