Financial Policies & Procedures


Financial Policies & Procedures

Financial policies and procedures are a necessary part of leading a student organization. Since registered students organizations are formally recognized by Drew, any funds allocated to or collected by these organizations are University funds and are subject to University policies and procedures governing financial transactions. These transactions are processed by the University offices that provide services for the entire Drew community; our role in the Office of Student Activities is to serve as a bridge between student organizations and University financial offices. We are able to provide clarification about University policies and serve as an advocate, when necessary, to ensure that student organizations are considered when policies and procedures are being developed. All registered student organizations and their officers, or responsible members, agree to abide by University policies governing student activities. Any organization recognized by or receiving funding from the Student Government Budget & Appropriations Committee (formerly ECAB) agrees to abide by Budget & Appropriations policies.

All financial transactions for organizations must begin with the Office of Student Activities or the Budget & Appropriations Committee (B&A) comptroller for B&A groups. Any violation of the appropriate procedures could result in loss of financial and other privileges associated with registration of your organization. In addition, the individual found to be in violation may be held personally responsible for the financial burden that was entered into inappropriately. All student organizations are required to keep financial records and to know and follow the policies and procedures.

  • Students cannot commit Drew University funds; prior approval from University is required on all acquisitions.
    • This includes (but not limited to) verbal and written contracts
  • Students may not solicit vendors for price quotes for goods/services in excess of $2500. For goods/services over $2500 the Purchasing Department must complete the bidding. Thirty (30) days should be allowed for the bidding process to be complete.
  • Any purchase that totals more than $500 requires the submission of three (3) official bids.
  • When requesting bids, each vendor must receive the same information, within a reasonable time frame.
  • Original, itemized receipts are required.
  • Items (including but not limited to supplies, props, etc.) purchased with student fee money are the property of Drew University.

Drew Has Exclusive Contracts With the Following Vendors

Off campus vendors cannot be used for these services.

  • Drew Dining Service, Aramark Catering
  • Staples Office Supplies
  • Drew Duplicating services
  • Drew Media Resource Center (MRC)
  • Drew Bookstore

The Following University Departments Directly Bill Your Account

  • Media Resource Center (MRC) – audio equipment, projectors, microphones, etc.
  • Aramark Catering
  • Pepin Copying Center- photocopying
  • Housing, Conference and Hospitality (HCH): event set up and needs

Words of Wisdom: These departments bill at the end of each month, it is your responsibility to make sure the organization has the money to cover these costs.


Student organizations are held accountable to University policies and procedures and must use one of the following University methods to purchase goods:

CLA Purchasing Request Form