Guidance for Faculty Advisors.


Guidance for Faculty Advisors

The Specialized Honors Calendar and Guide should provide answers to most policy and procedural questions thesis writers and advisors have, but the following brief points are added here to assist thesis advisors with thesis planning, grading, and the defense. Thesis advisors can expect to receive frequent communication from the Interim Director of Specialized Honors about deadlines and events and should reach out with questions or concerns, at any time, to the Director of Specialized Honors (

  • Success in the thesis is highly dependent upon steady work on the thesis, both in the summer before the senior year and during that year itself. It is therefore useful for faculty advisors to meet students very early in the process (at the very latest at the very beginning of the fall semester) to lay out a schedule for the entire year, which should include several intermediate deadlines beyond those laid out in the calendar. An example of such a schedule can be found here, though faculty should adjust it to the project and to their specific disciplinary norms. There is also a high correlation between regular meetings between the advisor and student and success in the thesis.
  • The grade for your thesis adviseeā€™s fall 410 course should be submitted electronically by you at the end of the fall semester, based on the guidelines laid out by the adviser and committee for the first semester, which usually includes the completion of the first chapter, detailed outline or some other product. The letter grade for 411 should be submitted electronically by you before the end of the senior grading period during the spring semester.
  • The new procedure for the thesis defense, passed by the faculty during the 2015-16 academic year, is that the thesis advisor runs the defense and that the third reader fills out the assessment rubric, with input from the entire committee if they wish.