Oral Defense Calendar, Spring 2021

Specialized Honors Thesis Defenses, Spring 2021

All Spring 2021 Defenses will take place over Zoom. Please contact the student or advisor for the Zoom link and password.

Here is a link to the defense announcement documents. The Zoom link for each defense can be found on the defense announcement.

Date Name Time Discipline Thesis Title
April 20 Ryan Strauss 5 PM Political Science

(adviser: Carlos Yordan)



(adviser: Erik Anderson)

The Anglo-American Special Relationship: Antiquity or Destiny?
April 22 Sarah Gass 11 AM Political Science

(adviser: Phil Mundo)

The Promulgation of the Alt-Right in American Politics: Nativism in Contemporary Political Discourse
April 23 Rebecca Schuman 11 AM Environmental Studies and Sustainability

(adviser: Summer Harrison)

The Case for Linking Causes: Why Animal Rights are an Environmental Issue
Maxxe-Albert-Deitch 11 AM Anthropology

(adviser: Allan Dawson)

Controlling the Narrative: How National Mythology and Archaeology Shaped Identity in Modern-Day Israel
Elsa Nygard 1 PM History

(adviser: James Carter)

Coeducation at Brother’s College, 1942-1950
April 26 Robert Sutter 10:30 AM Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

(adviser: Brianne Barker)

Role of Chromatin structure in Innate Sensing of DNA
Karishma Patel 1:30 PM Neuroscience

(adviser: Marvin Bayne)

Modeling, Manipulating, and Measuring Mutant Neurexins in Caenorhabditis elegans
Annalisa Manabat 2:30 PM English

(adviser: Wendy Kolmar)

Bad Girls, Bold Wives, Bloody Mothers: Monstrous Women in Film Through the Lens of Women’s Liberation (1960-1981)
April 27 Peace Oyekola 1 PM Political Science

(adviser: Jason Jordan)

Elite Bargaining: The glue that holds Nigeria’s Democracy together.
Shivani Mody 1:30 PM Neuroscience

(adviser: Marvin Bayne)

The Search for a Reliable Behavioral Assay for Modeling Parkinson’s disease in C. elegans
Brett Cheadle 2 PM Environmental Studies and Sustainability

(adviser: Phil Mundo)

Analyzing Community-Based and Centralized Approaches to Natural Disaster Management
Lisa Stites 4 PM Business

(adviser: Maliha Safri)

California’s Wildfire Problem: The Neglected Role of Class and Housing
Stephen Dechert 4 PM English

(adviser: Jens Lloyd)

The Practicalities of Literary Studies: Depictions of Ordinary Life in Ulysses
April 28 Julia Kenner 12:30 Sociology “Boys Masturbate, Girls Menstruate:” Reframing and Reforming Sex
Education in the United States
Kayla Witkowski 1:15 PM Neuroscience

(adviser: Roger Knowles)

Exploring neuroprotective effect of a combined strategy of LM11A-31, Resveratrol, and Methylene Blue as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: A pilot study
Kelly Maegerlein 4:30 PM Neuroscience

(adviser: Roger Knowles)

Investigation the effects of RD100, a potential group III mGluR positive modulator, in a primary rat cortical FAB/NMDA model of Alzheimer’s disease
Brianna Perrone 4:45 PM Political Science

(adviser: Carlos Yordan)



(adviser: Muriel Placet-Kouassi)

International Intellectual Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparison of Former French Colonies
April 29 William DeJianne 11:45 AM Psychology

(adviser: Adijat Mustapha)

Demoralization: Do Perceptions of Low Harm Reduce Moral Conviction?
Brynne Growney 12 PM Psychology

(adviser: Jill Cermele)

Masking Up: The Impact of Political Ideology, Empathy, and Conformity on People’s Choice to Wear a Mask in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kara Dobias 2:30 PM Theater Arts

(adviser: Lisa Brenner)

Rectifying a Historical Wrong: A Critical Examination of the Economic and Racial Politics of American Opera
Madison Dudziec 6 PM International Relations

(adviser: Jason Jordan)

Consociationalism and the Ethno-Sectarian Conflict: Iraq’s Political Fragmentation and Flawed Federalism
Theresa Vaillancourt 4:05 PM International Relations

(adviser: Carlos Yordan)

Scottish Independence in a Post-Brexit World: A legal analysis on the Scottish right to hold an independence referendum
April 30 Grace Crozier 10:30 AM Neuroscience

(adviser: Graham Cousens)

Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Development in Adolescents
Erin Feith 12 PM History

(adviser: James Carter)

Nursing the Hangover: The Response of the Methodist Church to the Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment (1934-1950)
Lauren DeLillo 1:30 PM Italian Studies

(adviser: Emanuele Occhipinti)

Le lettere di Fortunata Mauro: esempio di scrittura epistolare come processo di identità e assimilazione culturale degi immigrati italiani negli Stati Uniti di inizio Novecento
May 3 Benjamin Strickland 12:30 PM Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

(adviser: Vincent Gullo)

In Silico Discovery of FtsZ Inhibitors for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Arman Sawhney 2 PM Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

(adviser: Brianne Barker)

Investigating Intrinsic Immune Functions of IFI16 and IFIX
Emily Graves 3 PM Anthroplogy

(adviser: Carina Marques)

May 4 Kayla Rockhill 11 AM Physics

(adviser: Minjoon Kouh)

Image Estimation by means of Function Approximation and Gradient Descent
Matheus Macena de Carvalho 2:30 PM Physics

(adviser: Bjorg Larson)

Single-Laser Optical Tweezers: Background, Applications, and Calibration Methods.
Angelo Angione 2:45 PM Neuroscience In Vitro Exploration of Androgen Receptor Mediated Neuroprotection of Testoterone in an Oxidative Stress Model of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Caroline Polich 3:30 PM Studio Art

(adviser: Claire Sherman)

World on Fire: Painting Landscapes Altered by Climate Change
Katelynn Fleming 5:30 PM Physics

(adviser: Bjorg Larson)

Probing Particle Physics: The Search for New Physics in the WWγ Decay
Aisha Arain Anthropology (adviser: Allan Dawson)
January 19, 2021 Janna Fadler Environmental Studies and Sustainability

(adviser: Lisa Jordan)

Representation of the Environment in Social Media through Australian and Amazon Forest Fires
Maria Reidy Psychology

(adviser: Scott Morgan)

December 10, 2020 Michelle Nestor 10 AM Political Science

(adviser: Phil Mundo)

U.S. Presidential Nominations: Outsiders in the 2016 Election