Oral Defense Calendar, Spring 2018

Oral Defense Calendar

Master Calendar of Thesis Defenses, Spring 2018

April 13 Leah Nadel 1:15 HS244 Quantifying Compliance to Vitamin D Supplementation
April 16 Dalton Valette 3:00 LC28 “The Dangerous Faggot” or A Gay Man with Different Opinions.
Pearl Sutter 4:00 HS4 Effects of DCP-LA on Learning and Memory in an in vivo Alzheimer’s Disease Model with Ovariectomized Rats
April 19 Olivia Blondheim 1:15 HS142 In situ observations of pyrosomes in the northern California Current during an anomalous bloom year
Nicole Kinney 1:30 BC204 Marketing Towards the Hispanic American Population: The Microtargeting of Hispanic Subgroups in Advertisements
April 20 Jo Fekete 10:30 SEM 116 A Short Story Series in Fiction: Traversing Boundaries
Blaine Taylor 3:00 BC117 Is There an Association Between Partisan Control of State Legislatures and State General Obligation Bond Ratings?
Marta Muncharaz 4:30 BC101 The causes and future financial consequences for the City of London after Brexit
April 23 Ian Nadler 9:30 MUS211 A Technical Analysis of Polyphonic Vocal Styles
Marybeth Wynen 11:45 HS3A Behavioral Changes in a Propionic Acid Rat Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Julie Alex 1:30 HS4 Ca2+ Catalyzed Adenosine 3’, 5’-Cyclic Monophosphate Hydrolysis: Insights into the Role of Metals in Phosphodiesterase Active Sites
Crystal Caragine 2:00 LC30 Emancipative Values and Democracy: Is a Desire for Freedom a Cause or an Effect of Democracy
April 24 Jennifer Stein 3:45 HS3A Do Adults Make Babyface Overgneralizations When Perceiving Adults Who Have Down Syndrome?
April 25 Jennifer Benedict 10:30 BC217 Automatic Munsell Color Detection in Mobile Applications
Emily Dzioba 10:30 ARTS138 Devising Form and Content: The Dramaturg as Performance Curator
Keith Costello 1:30 BC217 The U.S., India, and the Colonial Question
April 27 Hayat Abdelal 1:00 BC120  Jefferson and Islam: Rethinking America’s Religious Framework
Alexa Young 1:30 BC101 Mom’s the Word: Counternarrative Constructions of Single Motherhood in 1970s-1980s Popular Fiction
Zoe Coates Fuentes 2:00 HS244 The Heterogeneous Uptake of Ozone on Kaolinite as a Function of Atmospheric Processing
Tyler Dorrity 3:30 HS244 Cytokine Responses Generated by cGAMP and other CDNs Depend on Delivery Method
April 30 Haviland Atha-Simonton 11:00 A-Lab (ARTS 140) (Working title) Plays about New York City’s Gentrification: the Gentrifier, the Gentrified, and the Tension in Between
Jared Sutton 4:00 BC101 A Labor of Love: The Impact of Union Strength on Democratic Consolidation in Post-Arab Spring Egypt and Tunisia
Kyla Moutenot 5:00 HS4 Mapping Odor Representation in the Olfactory Tubercle and Amygdala.
May 1 Michael Clancy 10:00  HS4  A Mathematical Development of Quantum Mechanics