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News & Events


The RISE Talks Series offers seminars on a wide range of scientific and related topics. Speakers are encouraged to make their talks understandable to non-experts. All members of the Drew community plus local friends of the university are welcome to attend. RISE Talks usually take place at noon on Wednesdays throughout the semester, at the RISE Reading Room, Hall of Sciences, Room 326.


February 2018

RISE Honors class student Katelynn Fleming’s articles in the Science & Technology section of The Drew Acorn are becoming a fixture! Her article, “New Test Detects Alzheimer’s Disease”, describes how this new development can impact treatment of the disease, and her article, “RISE Alum Returns to Share His Journey in the Development of a Cancer Drug”, describes visit by Lou Lombardo, RISE student Class of ’82, now a group director of oncology chemistry at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

December 2017

RISE Associate Research Fellow, Dr. Bill Campbell, visits his alma mater, Trinity College in Dublin, to deliver keynote speech:

September 2017

RISE student Ryann Callaghan received an Undergraduate Research Symposium award from the Independent College Fund of New Jersey. She will present the results of her research on March 5, 2018 at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. Her research investigates the use of cumulative aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance mutations for increasing the production of kibdelomycin, a novel antibiotic previously discovered by Merck & Co.  RISE Fellows Dr. Neal Connors and Dr. Vince Gullo are her co-mentors, and the work is being carried out in collaboration with Sulagen, LLC.

May 2017

The May 2017 issue of The Drew Review contains three articles that stem from research done by members of last year’s Honors Science Seminar: Examining the uses of bacteria in oil spill bioremediation by Josephine Emanuelli, C’19; Self-injury and pain: Analysis of non-suicidal self-injury and the effects it has on the neurological processing of pain by Darci Gautam, C’19; and Cross-media metrics: The shift in audience measurement by Zarina Akbary, C’19.

April 2017

Two special events from the RISE Honors Science Seminar took place in April. Nobel Laureate Bill Campbell talked with students about “poem, paint, and parasite” or how to have a satisfying and productive time as an artist as well as a scientist. The class also had the opportunity to make a field trip to the labs of Celgene in Summit and to learn first-hand about the drug development process.

Each year RISE has the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of some of the students who have worked with us. The George deStevens Award for RISE Research honors the memory of the founding director of RISE. The 2017 recipient is Matthew Owen, a chemistry major. His work has concentrated on a RISE oncology project for which he has done compound synthesis and helped set up and refine membrane transport assays. Ron Doll serves as his mentor. This year’s Sidney Udenfriend Prize, named after the second director of RISE, was awarded to two RISE students, Erin Connors, C’18, and Diana Lourenco, C’17, both of whom are being honored for their work on antibiotics projects. Erin was mentored by Vince Gullo and Diana by Arny Demain.

On April 26, RISE Felow Arnold Demain turned 90. Recognition of his extensive contributions to science and mentoring were underscored by many of his colleagues around the world, who are known collectively as “Arny’s Army & Friends.”  The March 2017 special issue of Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology is a “tribute to [him] for his lifelong pioneering contributions to biochemical engineering.” An editorial in the April 2017 issue of Applied Microbiology and biotechnology mentions his mentoring work at Drew “to pass on his knowledge to undergraduate students and to ‘innculate’ them for their future careers.”

March 2017

RISE Associate Fellow Bill Campbell was one of five people inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame.

February 2017

RISE was awarded a grant from the Fred J. Brotherton Foundation to help support several of our summer students in the 2017 Drew Summer Science Institute (DSSI) program.