Information for 2021 ResMed attendees

Information for ResMed 2021 Attendees

● The course is scheduled from Friday Afternoon, June 4th (Welcome and Intro session), Monday June 7th – Friday June 11th, 2021.
● Please note that all sessions times are Eastern Time (EDT), so schedule accordingly if you are in a different time zone.

Accessing Zoom for the lectures/live Q&A
● There will be 1 Zoom link for the entire event.
● Zoom link will be e-mailed to all attendees on Monday May 31st, 2021.
● Zoom can be accessed from computer, tablet, phone (presentations may not be clearly visible on a small phone screen).
● The Zoom link and the login for accessing asynchronous content is to be used by registered attendees only.
● When accessing the Zoom sessions, enter your full name on your profile.
● The Waiting room will be enabled before every session and the moderator will let attendees in.
● Due to the large number of attendees, and to avoid distractions and interruptions, all attendees will be muted/video off by the moderator during lectures and sessions.
● The Chat function will be enabled for Q&A (see below).

Prior to the event
● Download the latest version of Zoom ( and familiarize yourself with its function.
● Verify that your speakers are working properly for the audio.
● You will not need your camera or microphone for the event (except for post-lecture social hours).
● Prior to the start of the course, everyone should have received a ResMed course manual (containing all lecture slides, speaker bios, and other important information) shipped to the physical mailing address provided during registration. The course manual cannot be provided in an electronic format.

Pre-event “Open house” (Optional)
● On Tuesday June 1st, Wednesday June 2nd and Thursday June 3rd, 2021 from 9am-5pm (EDT), the ResMed 2021 Zoom link will be open for you to verify your connection and audio/video setup, check out the Zoom functionality (chat for Q&A), ask any technical/logistical questions about the upcoming program, etc.

Lectures and Q&A Sessions
● All lectures and introductions are pre-recorded, to avoid live technical issues.
● Every lecture will be followed by a live Q&A session.
● The Q&A sessions will be recorded and will be available along with the lectures via a link on the ResMed website through June 13th, 2021.
● Attendees can post questions in real time during each lecture using the Zoom Chat.
● The questions on the Zoom chat will be visible to all attendees as well as to moderators and lecturers.
● The Chat function is LIMITED STRICTLY to questions for the lecturer (no comments, greetings, technical issues, etc). For technical problems, please email

Asynchronous content
● All lectures and recorded Q&A sessions will be available to view at your convenience after each session and will be available through Sunday June 13th, 2021.
● To access this recorded course content, click here to login. Login/Password for accessing asynchronous content will be sent to all attendees on Monday May 31st, 2021.

Social Hour (Optional)
● Social hours will be open on Tuesday June 8th and Thursday June 10th afternoon/evening, 7-9pm EDT for unmoderated small groups to get together and socialize, relax, meet other attendees, discuss the day’s event, professional issues, etc.
● Groups of 8-10 attendees will be randomized into break out rooms upon entry, so “come as you are”.
● Groups will last 30 minutes and then be “reshuffled” into new groups.
● You are welcome to come in and out at any point, but please be considerate of your colleague if you enter a group late.
● If you would like to arrange a small social group with particular people (ex: attendees/colleagues from your company), please contact

Questions, problems, feedback?
● Please email with any issues or feedback. This e-mail will be monitored continuously, and your questions answered promptly.
● If you are having internet or connection issues that may be related to your local network, please contact your local technical support.
● After the course, you will receive an online survey seeking your feedback on course content and format.

All registered ResMed course attendees agree that the recording, capturing of images, sounds or stream, downloading, sharing with non-registrants, or rebroadcasting of speakers’ lectures or presentations as well as sharing any ResMed login/password with any non-registrants is strictly prohibited.