RISE Student Takes First Prize

Rise Fellow Dr. Ron Doll, Award Winner Tharani Theivakumar, ACS Chairperson Dr. Jefferson Tilley, North Jersey Section

Drew chemistry major, Tharani Theivakumar C’12, won the Jean Asell Duranna Award from the American Chemical Society for her presentation at the annual Undergraduate Student Research Conference at Fairleigh  Dickenson University on April 27.  The conference is sponsored by the North Jersey section of the ACS.  RISE Fellow, Ron Doll, Ph.D., served as mentor for her research.  The title of her presentation was “Discovery of Anti-tumor Agents Targeting Mutant p53.”  Tharani will receive a cash prize and an ACS award on May 14.  For the complete story on the event and other prize winners, see the June issue of The Indicator.

Maria Falzone, C’14 receives 2012 George deStevens Award

The George deStevens Award for RISE Research honors the memory of the first director of RISE.  The 2012 award was presented to Drew sophomore, Maria Falzone.  She has been doing accelerated work in the sciences since her days at Old Bridge High School in Matawan. Maria began working with RISE last summer and quickly showed great ability to do research, to organize and document experiments, and to mentor younger students as well.  Her research concerns antibiotics.  She helped to develop media for the production of two potentially very important ones, platensimycin and platencin. Maria will be continuing her research this summer and plans to turn it into an honors thesis in her senior year.  Her long range goal is to be a researcher or a surgeon or maybe both.

Recipient List – George deStevens Award for Rise Research

2014 – Elizabeth Regedanz
2013 – Antonios Apostolidis, C’14 and Steven Ketchum C”14
2012 – Maria Falzone, C’14
2011 – Yasmine Mourad, C’13
2010 – Yang Yang, C’11

Gregory Hunt, C’13, and Rachel Masia, C’13 receive Sidney Udenfriend Prizes

The Sidney Udenfriend Prize honors the memory of the second director of RISE and is awarded to students who show exceptional promise for fundamental or applied research.  This year we have two winners, Gregory Hunt and Rachel Masia, both of whom have already distinguished themselves in their research work at Drew.

Greg is tackling part of one of today’s most pressing statistical challenges: how to analyze the types of big data sets that are so prevalent modern science.  Greg is well under way with his ‘big data’ research project. He plans to work on it over the summer and then turn it into an honors thesis next year.

Rachel is working on a novel cell model of Alzheimer’s disease.  She became interested in the subject as a freshman in the RISE Honors Science Seminar and will continue her research this summer in anticipation of writing an honors thesis in her senior year.  Her long-term goal is to become a neurosurgeon.

Recipient List – Sidney Udenfriend Prize

2014 – Randa Barsoom C’14
2013 – Brittany Barreto C’13
2012 – Gregory Hunt C’13 and Rachel Masia C’13
2011Heather Tynan, C’13
2010 – Christian Maggio, C’11
2009 – Amanda Driesse and Kimy Yeung, C’09
2008 – No prize awarded
2007 – Kellie Joyce and Doria Tsatsos, C’07.
2006 – Daniel Riccio, C’06.
2005 – Elena Tartaglia, C’05.
2004 – Anthony Miller, C’05.
2003 – Lauren Campbell, C’03
2002 – Katherine Fish, C’03
2001 – Carmen Drahl, C’02